Friends is one of the most classic sitcoms of all time. With a vegetarian, a chef, and an overall food lover, this show is littered with food scenes, references, and puns. Here are some of the funniest "Friends" food moments:

1. The One When Monica Jams Out 

(s3 e3 “The One With the Jam”)

After a bad breakup, Monica needs to do something to distract her. So, naturally, she makes jams. Her entire apartment is filled with empty jars, buckets of fruit (from the docks) and already made jars of jam. She makes different flavors and distributes them to people. Her biggest fan is Joey, who carries his jars of jam and a spoon with him wherever he goes. Monica woke up at 4 am to make jams; she, “Needed a plan, a plan to get over my man. What's the opposite of man? Jam.”

2. The One When Phoebe Eats Meat

(s4 e16 “The One With the Fake Party”)

One of the most well-known facts about “Friends” is that Phoebe is vegetarian. She proves to feel very strongly about it multiple times. However, when her pregnancy cravings start kicking in, she can’t avoid meat anymore. Her nose (and baby belly) take her into the bathroom, where she caves in and eats some of Joey’s bologna sandwich while he is in the shower. Later in the episode, Phoebe and Joey make a pact to switch roles for the duration of her pregnancy because if she is simply taking all of his meat, “No extra animals would die.”

3. The One With Ross’s Sandwich

(s5 e9 “The One With Ross’s Sandwich”)

We all have that one friend that gets so mad whenever you try to taste their food. Some even go as far as leaving a note in the fridge specifying it is theirs. Ross Geller is this friend. He very clearly labeled his thanksgiving leftovers sandwich and put it in the fridge at work. Being that this was the last leftover sandwich, he looks forward to eating it all day. However, when he goes to the fridge to get it, he sees that someone has eaten only half, and thrown the rest away. Ross is appalled, and so angry that he is signed into anger management sessions through work, and then is required to take a leave of absence. All because of a sandwich with, "An extra slice of gravy soaked bread in the middle; I call it the Moist Maker.”

4. The One Where Rachel Can’t Cook

(s6 e9 “The One Where Ross Got High”)

It’s Thanksgiving, and Monica is, of course, cooking the meal. She is so busy trying to get everything done that she puts her trust in Rachel to make the dessert. Known for being terrible at cooking, Rachel really wants to prove herself this time. She decides to make an English Trifle. She starts to list off the layers and it sounds delicious. All the basic trifle layers including lady fingers, jam, custard, and beef sautéed with peas and onions. WAIT. That’s not right. Turns out, Rachel combined a recipe for an English trifle and Shepard’s pie. But, of course, we can always count on Joey to eat anything that is put in front of him. He says, “What’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, gooood!”

5. The One With the Buffay Family Recipe

(s7 e3 “The One With Phoebe’s Cookies”)

The only present Monica wants is the recipe to Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies because they are the best in the world. Unfortunately, the recipe was destroyed in the apartment fire and Phoebe didn’t have an extra copy in a fire safe box. But, she did have one cookie leftover that she gave to Monica to try and figure out the recipe. After 20 something batches of cookies that were not “the one,” Phoebe remembered a single living relative from France who might have the recipe, Neselé Tolouse. Turns out, her grandmother used the back of a Nestle Tollhouse cookie package and passed it off as homemade. She says, "[it’s reasons] like this which is why [she’s] burning in hell!”

6. The One With the Stolen Cheesecakes

(s7 e11 “The One With All the Cheesecakes”)

Cheesecake is one of the best desserts ever created. Chandler and Rachel definitely agree considering they’ve not once, but twice, stolen a cheesecake from a downstairs neighbor. After continuously fighting over the buttery crust and creamy filling, they both drop their pieces on the floor. It’s too good though, and they end up on their hands and knees picking around for pieces that don’t “have floor on it.” I definitely wanna try Mama’s Little Bakery, Chicago, Illinois.

7. The One Where “Joey Doesn’t Share Food”

(s10 e9 “The One With the Birth Mother”)

Everyone knows that Joey loves food. It’s just that simple. He eats anything and everything-- from jam with a spoon, to meat deserts, he loves it. One thing he doesn’t love, though, is sharing his food. This is evident when he refuses to go on a second date with a girl because she took a French fry off his plate. He gives her a second chance, and they continue to play this game of sharing and not sharing, sharing and not sharing. The twist is that when it is time for dessert and his date has to take a phone call, she comes back to her chocolate cake all over Joey’s face. Ironic because typically: