Tis the season for cookie swaps with friends and family. Some people live for cookie swaps because they get to make cookies for others as well as receive various types of cookies from everyone else. On the other hand, there are people that have no clue what to make because cookie swaps can be stressful to choose from all of the holiday cookie recipes that exist.  Hopefully, this guide helps you if you’re in that position because cookie swaps are supposed to be merry and cheerful.


First, you have to think about what type of cookie to bake for the cookie swap. There are plenty of options to choose from which makes it a difficult decision. Personally, I think that if you know the people you’re baking for, choose something you know they like. For instance, if you know that there’s a large amount of people in the cookie swap that like… Alternatively, if you don’t know the people as well, you could always go for a classic cookie like cutout sugar cookies in different shapes or gingerbread cookies with icing. Some great websites to help find recipes and ideas would be Pinterest.com, foodnetwork.com, or people's blogs. If you’re on a budget, you could always make the Pillsbury cookies with the images of well-known holiday characters or buy cookies already made. Always remember it’s okay if there are repeats of the same cookie because that just means you get extra from the cookie swap. Furthermore, you’re not restricted to only making cookies, you could also make other pastries that you like to bake like brownies or bark. Any contribution to the cookie swap will be welcomed because it's the thought that counts. 


After you make your cookies for the cookie swap, you need to find a creative way to package them. One idea is packaging them into tins which allows you to get creative when you choose the tins to buy. Another idea could be to buy holiday bags in the shape of well-known holiday figures, like a snowman, to put the cookies in to hand out for everyone at the cookie swap. If this is too much, then you could always put them on festive trays with plastic wrap. Whatever you choose will be nice for everyone to take home from the cookie swap to share with their own family. 

Decorations and Set Up

Most people only have to worry about the baking and packaging, but if you’re hosting a cookie swap, you want to make sure you’re holiday ready. In order to do so, start looking at decorations that fit your style, needs and budget. I would recommend looking at Target, Michaels and the Christmas Tree Shop because they all usually have great decorations to choose from at a reasonable cost. Additional items that you should buy includes decorative plates, napkins, table cloths, and fairy lights. Also, pick up some candles that remind you of the holidays. Decorations play a major role in creating the holiday feeling for you and your guests at the cookie swap. 

I hope this guide helps you to have a successful cookie swap this year. The holiday season shouldn’t be stressful so make the most of the season. Be prepared to have some fun and enjoy the time spent with the people around you and the cookie swap that you're going to.