I'm not much of a cereal person, but I sure do love dessert. Nothing beats Funfetti cake, let's be honest. Spread some vanilla frosting on top with some sprinkles and you're golden. Now you can enjoy the same colorful and flavorful treat for breakfast with Funfetti Cereal. 

Funfetti Cereal Is Here

Hometown Food Company.

Thoughts of having Funfetti Cereal definitely crossed my mind when I was younger and my parents forced me to have Cheerio's or Raisin Bran. Don't get me wrong, looking back those cereals were the best way to not give my 5-year-old self a major sugar rush.

Now my childhood dreams are coming true because Funfetti Cereal is set to hit shelves the week of August 24. You might have tried Funfetti pancake mix and coffee creamer, but now there's Funfetti Cereal and I'm thrilled .

Each ball will be sprinkled with bright colors and have that sweet taste that people have come to know and love. What's not to like?