Looking for a meal on-the-go? Check out these sick options as they roll through Providence.

Poco Locos Tacos

It's Taco Tuesday, what do you do? You look for the big yellow truck. Whether build-you-own-tacos is your thing, or you're looking for something more along the lines of a burrito or a quesadilla, Poco Locos has you covered. Even better, they serve lunch, dinner, and late night type foods. 

#SpoonTip: Order the Sheet Pan Nachos or Loco Dirty Rice on the side. To find the truck's current whereabouts, text  (401) 281-YUMM (9866). 

Friskie Fries

Fries before guys, everyday. This American-style food truck is dedicated to making the best fries you can find, and with fries being my favorite food, I'm a tough critic. Have them plain, choose some toppings, and select from a wide array of sauces and salts.

#SpoonTip: Order The Alleycat: fries with fresh garlic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. Follow them on Twitter to find where the fries are rollin'. 

Like No Udder

Like No Udder is the world's first ever vegan soft serve ice cream truck. This completely animal product-free company started up in 2010, with a storefront and food truck. Their soy-based soft serve comes in three classic flavors—chocolate, vanilla, and twist, in cups or cones, and topped with your choice toppings. I

n addition to ice cream, their menu contains shakes, floats, frozen lemonade, vegan candy bars, and vegan jerky. Follow them on twitter to find the truck's location!


Holy crêpe these look amazing...And guess what, they are. This crepêrie on wheels is owned by husband and wife, Tania and Bryan Sousa. They bring a little bit of Paris to Providence with their menu, which you can find here.

#SpoonTip: Order the Sweet T Crêpe, with a hot coffee for breakfast. Even better, the truck is available for events. Track this truck on their twitter account

Open Season

The main focus of this New England based food truck is wild game, and locally sourced meat and produce. These camo chefs operate the food truck, as well as many catering events.

Their truck menu contains items such as  venison chili, turducken sliders, wild boar pulled pork quesadillas, and elk sausage "corn dog" bites. Track their social media like a hunter, you won't want to miss your shot on this food. 

Tricycle Ice Cream

Tricycle Ice Cream may be less of a truck, and more of an ice cream cart, but it's still on wheels and still can't be passed up. This cart first started rolling in the Spring of 2014, creating delicious combinations of cookies and ice cream. They update the flavors on a weekly basis, so check out their website to see what's being offered that week!

#SpoonTip: Track their cart via Twitter, and when you find them, order the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular across the country, and Providence has a great selection on the roads. Whether you're looking to celebrate Taco Tuesday, grab some ice cream after dinner, or indulge in a sweet or savory crêpe, these are some of the best you can find. Happy truck hunting.