It's that time of the quarter: as finals get closer and closer, our anxiety levels are getting higher and higher. The only goal in your mind is to ace your final. Thus, the first thing to go is your diet, but that only makes things worse. Your anxiety will go soaring through the roof. By supplying your brain with the right vitamins and minerals, you not only curb test anxiety, but you can also become smarter. Before you take your exam, try these foods to make your life go a lot more smoothly during finals week.

1. Asparagus

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Jenny Georgieva

Yes, these vegetables can actually boost your mood. Sorry, french fries are just don't cut it. Instead of snacking on fried food, steam some asparagus, make a dip, and then watch yourself go from "I don't get it" to "I am totally getting an A on this final". 

2. Avocado

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How can you say no to avocados? Exactly, you can't. And the best part? They make you smarter. Avocados have Vitamin B6 which helps your body produce neurotransmitters. This means it feeds the brain and lessens anxiety. So, make avocado toast, an avocado BLT, or even avocado ice cream! There are so many foods you can make with avocados, so there is no excuse for you to fail your final. 

3. Blueberries

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Jocelyn Hsu

After studying for 10 hours straight, there is one thing your body really needs: Vitamin C. Do you wonder why you always seem to eat a whole pint of ice cream or finish the whole Oreo package? It's because your cells need more energy, and you are not helping them by eating sugary foods. You are only making your anxiety worse. Solution: eat blueberries. These small but mighty berries are packed with Vitamin C and they even provide anxiety relief. 

4. Yogurt

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Yogurt and other probiotic foods, like pickles, kombucha, and miso can help reduce your anxiety. They contain live and active cultures that fight your fear of failing your final. Instead of having midnight cereal or late night coffee, have some Greek yogurt with granola which will make walking into your exam so much easier. 

5. Kale

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Kale and dark, leafy greens, like arugula and spinach contain antioxidants that help lessen anxiety and boost your mood. They contain beta-carotene and Vitamin E,  which support optimal brain functioning. Even if you don't want a salad, put some dark, leafy greens in your omelet, sandwich, or smoothie. 

6. Salmon

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Jocelyn Hsu

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for your brain. They reduce tension and help with anxiety. Even if you are not a big fan of seafood or if you are vegan, walnuts, soybeans, chia seeds, and olive oil are perfect foods to supply your brain with the right fats. During your study break, Postmates some salmon sushi rolls for dinner instead of In-N-Out. 

7. Turkey

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Hannah Cooper

Turkey and other protein rich foods, like eggs and beans, are rich in tryptophan, which help produce neurotransmitters for the body and reduce anxious feelings. If turkey is one reason you love Thanksgiving, you can also love finals season too! 

8.  Almonds

Torey Walsh

Almonds and other nuts are great sources of Vitamin E, which help with mood and anxiety. The body uses up Vitamin E quickly in times of stress and anxiety. Instead of buying a large bag of Nacho Doritos or Flaming Hot Cheetos, grab the trail mix and watch your anxiety disappear. 

9. Dark Chocolate

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Caroline Ingalls

Yes, you read it right. Dark chocolate can actually help ease your anxiety. It contains antioxidants that improve your brain function by improving blood flow to the brain. This helps the brain deal with the stress of finals week. Chocolate can also improve levels of stress hormones and increase serotonin levels, which reduces anxiety. 

10. Complex Carbs

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The beloved carbs that everyone seems to avoid is actually the perfect food to reduce your anxiety. Whole grains increase serotonin production, which lift your mood and energy and reduce anxiety. So, treating yourself to spaghetti the night before your final might not be a bad idea. 

11. Water

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Kristine Mahan

Water is not a food, but it is just as important to help lower anxiety levels. Drinking water is soothing and adds hydration during times of extreme stress (i.e. finals week). So, put down the soda, the sweet tea, and especially the coffee and drink water instead. You can even add a squeeze of lemon or herbal tea to add some flavor to water. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks help boost your energy levels but only for a short time. The long term effect is that caffeine inhibits serotonin levels, which only makes you more irritable and stressed. 

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