Whether they shaped your childhood taste buds or they make your adult life a lot more enjoyable, food stars make the world a happier, tastier place. They create new recipes, open killer new restaurants and win over the hearts of millions with their charming smiles and enviable kitchens. Who wouldn't want to meet one of these incredible food maestros?

Choose just one famous foodie below for a private dining experience or choose one from each category and imagine the most kickass dinner party ever.

Independent Women Who Don’t Need No Man

Betty Crocker

Even though Betty is a fictional character invented by General Mills, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely imaginary dinner date with her. She’d delight you with her semi-homemade baked goods and charming housewife demeanor.

Julia Child

Get ready for a night filled with big laughs and even bigger portions of food. Julie isn’t afraid to be the life of the party or eat until her heart is content. Who doesn’t want to eat cheese and get drunk with Julia Child?

Candace Nelson

As the founder of the first ever cupcake bakery (Sprinkles Cupcakes), Candace knows what it takes to be a successful businesswoman in today’s crazy world. She’s a great role model for any aspiring female chefs, business owners, and cupcake enthusiasts everywhere.

Food Network Stars

Paula Deen

Sure, Paula’s had her fair share of scandals, but imagine the warm hugs you’d receive and excessive amount of butter you’d consume. She’s made fried butter, y’all. Fried butter. Tell me that doesn’t intrigue you.

Guy Fieri

Again, maybe a controversial choice, but deep down you know there’s only one way to Flavor Town, and that’s in Guy’s red convertible. Hop in, pal.

Ina Garten

Ina would invite you to her beautiful home in the Hamptons and you’d fall in love with all of her fabulous friends. After a cheese plate supplied by Ina’s favorite local cheese shop and a few cocktails made with mint from her garden (store-bought is fine, too), you’d pray you never had to leave.

Not Famous, But Very Important

Julia Davis Chandler

You have Julia to thank for the gourmet masterpiece that is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The exact origins of the pb&j aren’t known, but Julia was the first to publish the recipe in a cooking school magazine. You might end up spending the entire dinner thanking her for her service to mankind.

Samuel W. Francis

Elementary school students everywhere can thank Samuel for inventing the spork. How else could you eat your taco in a bag? Samuel was a badass inventor and ended his life with 12 patents. Think of him as the Doc to your Marty McFly.

Glen Bell

Glen founded Taco Bell. I honestly don’t think I need to say anymore.

Not Human, But Very Important

Remy from Ratatouille

Y'all, he's a French gourmet chef who also happens to be an adorable animated rat. He's a legend. You would order ratatouille with a smirk on your face, Remy would roll his eyes, and you would both laugh and end up best friends.

Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show

Yeah, there might be a slight language barrier, but a love of food would unite you two. He can teach you some unconventional cooking tips that are bound to impress your roomies. Bork, bork, bork!


When you think “food star” you might not immediately think of Garfield, but he’s lasagna’s #1 fan, and I think that counts for something. His passion for eating and sleeping is inspiring, and you know you’d have the best lazy night in with this furry guy.


Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy has established herself as an outspoken, Twitter-slaying, food-loving inspiration to all. She would cook you pasta in a giant wheel of parmesan cheese and you better believe she wouldn’t take any sass. As an added bonus, John Legend would probably be around to serenade you both.

Lauren Conrad

LC would charm the pants off of you with her dazzling smile and effortless style. She’d be the best hostess, and you could use her new cookbook, Celebrate, to throw the chicest dinner party ever.

Aziz Ansari

Aziz’s Instagram is filled with delicious food, so you know he's got his priorities straight. Aziz would dazzle you with his pasta-making skills and endless wit. He might even teach you a few basics of standup comedy. Win win.