Resurfacing these cringe-worthy food commercials was definitely a bad idea. Sorry about it. I'm unsure why any company would think these commercials would promote them well. I am not in the mood to have a Dunkin' Iced Coffee after hearing Gronk's jingle. 

1. PSY Wonderful Pistachios Commercial 

Gangnam Style may be one of the worst songs ever, but remixing it and adding dancing pistachios brought it to a whole new level of cringe-worthy. 

2. Gronk and Big Papi's Dunkin Donuts Commercial 

We all like Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, we don't need a "DD productions" remix to convince us. And I say "convince us" lightly because I wasn't running to Dunkin' after hearing this jingle. My ears were just bleeding. 

3. Shakira's Activia Commercial 

We all know Activia speeds up the poop process. Sorry, Shakira but shakin' your hips won't make that any sexier, and I'm not lying. 

4. Snoop Dogg's Hot Pocket Commercial 

Snoop, man, don't do your top hit dirty. A childish play on words to remix "Drop it Like it's Hot" to "Pocket it Like it's Hot" is less than underwhelming. I'll pass on the Hot Pocket. Thanks, though. 

5. Jessica Simpson's Pizza Hut Commercial

It's unclear if this commercial is a dumb blonde joke or a chicken of the sea spoof. Either way, it's brutal

6. NSYNC's Chilis Commercial 

Just when you thought nothing could get more annoyingly catchy than "Bye, Bye, Bye." UGH. Is this where the phenomenon of "send nudes" came from?

Feeling in the mood to have some Activia yogurt? Hot Pockets? Pistachios? Yeah, didn't think so. The marketing world needs to step up their game, because these jingles and pop star guests aren't doing anything for them.