String cheese is the midday pick-me-up, the lunchbox staple, the snack that almost everyone can agree upon. But as of late, there's a new player in town, and they're not playing by the same rules as cheddar and mozzarella. Allow me to introduce to you—flavored string cheese.

You Read That Right 

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Photo courtesy of Cow Candy Co. Facebook

Inspired by the cartoon characters Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony and Optimus Prime from Transformers, Cow Candy Co. recently released two new flavors of string cheese called Pinkie Pie Strawberry and Prime Punch.

While strawberry milk is a thing, we're not sure how we feel about strawberry cheese. And neither is the rest of the internet...

Cow Candy has quite the social media presence and has been re-posting photos from happy customers, displaying photos of fruit punch-flavored nachos and strawberry grilled cheese.

Worth a Shot?

Photo courtesy of Cow Candy Co. Facebook

While my inner 90s-kid is rejoicing at the return of funky colored foods and artificial flavorings, I'm not sure I can get on board with this one. I sort of miss the days when the biggest controversy surrounding string cheese was whether the proper way to eat it was to bite or peel it. What are your thoughts? Would you try this?