Meal kits and entree kits are all the rage these days, as they’re perfect for college students who need a fast, easy, and healthy dinner while juggling school, work and whatever other responsibilities you might have. There are a plethora of different meal and entree kits on the market to choose from, depending on what your diet’s like and what type of food you’re looking for.

Fishpeople is a super great option for pescetarians and seafood lovers alike, as they specialize in entree kits featuring fish. I decided to try out this entree kit for myself (my first one) and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Read on to see what Fishpeople is all about and if it’s the right entree kit for you.

So I should first acknowledge the fact that I’ve never actually cooked fish myself before, which actually turned out to be no problem. Each of the entree kits come with two fillets of wild American sustainably-caught fish, as well as a topper and garnish, all sealed in moisture lock tray. Fishpeople makes it super easy to prepare each dish with step-by-step instructions that only require you to thaw the fish out before preparing, then top each of the fillets with their topping and bake in the tray provided for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once they’re done you can top them with a fresh garnish and then voila, you’ve got yourself a homemade seafood dinner

There are four different tasty seafood kits to choose from: Meyer Lemon & Herb Panko Wild Alaskan Salmon, Cajun Shrimp & Sweet Pepper Wild Alaskan Salmon, Chipotle & Lime Wild Alaskan Cod, and Garlic Parmesan Potato Wild Alaskan Cod. My personal favorite was the Chipotle & Lime Wild Alaskan Cod, as the fish had a perfectly light texture that was exceptionally spiced up with the chipotle and lime panko

Each kit is also pretty good for you, as they range from only 190 to 250 calories per serving, with substantial amounts of protein and vitamins, and not a whole lot of carbohydrates, trans fats, or sugars. As an added plus, all Fishpeople products are free from antibiotics, GMOs and any added colors.

Lauren Kruchten

After you’re done with preparing your ~gourmet~ seafood dinner, you can recycle the tray and containers that came with your kit, making for a meal that’s good for your body and the environment. Additionally, there’s a special code on the side of each entree kit box that can be entered on Fishpeople’s website to track exactly where your fish came from and the story behind it, including the fisherman who hauled your fish onto his/her boat, the boat’s name and the region and water conditions each fish came from.

So if you’re a seafood lover looking for a superb entree kit to deliver an easy and good-for-you dinner, I’d suggest picking up one of Fishpeople’s delicious entree kits at your local grocery store for a delicious and impressive meal you’re sure to love.

Fishpeople entree kits were sent to me free of charge, however, all opinions are my own.