Fatty Sunday’s is an online chocolate covered pretzel company that is very popular for gifts and other special occasions. I always recommend them to people who are looking for a cute and fun birthday gift to send to their friends, and they have yet to disappoint. If you’ve thought about ordering something and don’t know which flavors to get, you’ve come to the right place. While I can’t offer feedback on all of the amazing flavors offered, I have tried some of the best sellers. I ranked the 5 flavors I tried from my most favorite to my least (but I loved them all!)

1. Sprinkles

Besides the fact that I could literally eat sprinkles with a spoon, this was a clear winner in my eyes. The richness of the chocolate mixed perfectly with the crunchy sprinkles and there were plenty of sprinkles. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when there are not enough sprinkles for the size of the item, so I was pleased that almost the entire rod was covered in little rainbow pearls. This is the perfect gift for any occasion, or even for yourself!

2. Birthday Cake

I seem to be following a sprinkle trend here. This flavor is also covered in rainbow sprinkles, but with white chocolate instead of milk, and rolled in vanilla cookies. Again, most of the rod was covered in this sweet vanilla-y coating. I was worried at first because birthday cake flavored treats tend to be overly sweet and nauseating. I was wrong in this case though, there was nothing overly anything about them. There was just enough pretzel and coating to make a perfect cake tasting snack. If you really want someone to have a good time on their birthday, this is the flavor for them.

3. Cinnamon Sugar

Okay, so these are the first ones I tried of the 5, and instantly I fell in love. The smell was sweet and sugary like a bakery in the morning. And the flavor was almost identical to a cinnamon sugar soft pretzel. Dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in cinnamon sugar, this sweet treat was literally so hard to put down. I still can’t put them down! I’m munching on them as I write this, and I’m on track to finish the whole bag before the end of this article. But let’s be real, I’m definitely not mad about it.

4. Cookies & Cream

This one was definitely not my favorite and took a few bites to really get into. They’re dipped in white chocolate and rolled in chocolate cookies, so I was instantly excited to try them. I do think they are delicious, but I am struggling to find the resemblance to that classic Oreo cookie. I will say this though, I love that they put their own spin on a classic favorite, and I would 100% still add them to my cart.

5. Toffee

This one was hard for me to get behind, considering I really don’t like toffee that much as it is. I figured that when paired with a salty pretzel, maybe I’ll enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised but still not convinced. It had the classic caramel and nut flavors, and as an added bonus, this flavor is gluten-free! If you’re like me, and really don’t like caramel or nuts, this flavor should not be a top priority. But, if you’re into toffee I thought they were good, and would definitely recommend a box of these bad boys.