The project was to create and name our very own country. I was in the fifth grade, so it took me an awfully long time to name my nation. Once I did, I've wondered how people can look at something and provide a memorable and catchy name.  How does someone bite into something and say, "I think this should be called a Twinkie?" Well, I thought it was time to find out. So I did some research on how some famous foods got their household names. 


It is rumored that the name "Twinkie" was inspired by a billboard near the bakery where twinkies were first made. That billboard said "Twinkle Toe Shoes". No one is sure if the shape of the twinkie resembled the shoe or if the creator found the name to be catchy. From bankruptcy to the twinkie diet, the twinkie has had a rollercoaster of a history. 


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Torey Walsh

The history of how the Oreo got its name is a little more mysterious. First of all, the name of the Oreo was changed from an "Oreo Biscuit" to an "Oreo Sandwich" to "Oreo Creme Sandwich" and finally to "Oreo Sandwich Cookie". Although there were many official name changes, most people refer to the cookie as just an "Oreo".

Even the people at Nabisco aren't entierly sure where the name came from. Some people believe the name came from a combination of "re" from "cream" for the filling, and putting it between the two "o"s in "chocolate" for the cookie, creating the name "Oreo". Others think the name was created because it was short and easy to say. Despite the reason for the name, the Oreo continues to be America's favorite cookie due to its many flavors and uses in other recipes. If you're an oreo fanatic, then I'd look into this new Oreo Subscription Box.

Hershey Kiss

Hershey Kisses first hit the shelves of candy stores in 1907. When they were first made, ever single Hershey Kiss was wrapped individually wrapped by hand. Since then, they have made a variety of different flavors from caramel, to mint truffle and even cherry cordial.

The Kisses apparently got their name from the way they were manufactured. Apparently, when the chocolate would leave the machine and go onto on the conveyor belt, it made a kissing sound. The name then stuck and became one of the most popular candies today. There are plenty of recipes that even use Hershey Kisses for their unique shape and delicious flavor.

Tootsie Roll

The Tootsie Roll was invented by a store owner named Leo Hirshfield, an Austrian immigrant who opened his New York City store in the late 1800s. He supposedly named the candy after his daughter Clara, who was nicknamed "tootsie". As well as being named after his daughter, people feel the name fits the candy because of the tootsie definition. It is sweet, like one definition of tootsie, but also savory because of its other, more colloquial definition: prostitute. Either way, the candy is wildly popular, and the company makes 64 million tootsie rolls a day of just the original flavor alone. 


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Amanda Evertz

The Toblerone is made from milk chocolate, nougat, almonds and honey and is shaped in order to look like the Matterhorn mountain, as believed by most people. Others say it resembles a pyramid of dancers from they had seen. 

The name though comes from the manufacturer, Theodore Tobler. Its full name is a combination of his last name and the Italian dessert, Torrone, which contains honey, sugar, and nuts. The combination of the two names gives us the Swiss Toblerone. 


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The history of the Doritos is anything but average. They were created in a restaurant in none other than the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. They were first made in Casa de Fritos, the Frito-Lay owned restaurant in Disney. The meaning of "Dorito" in Spanish means "little golden things" which is what people called them once they ate them.

Ever since then, Frito-Lay found the creator, hired him and manufactured the chips for national sale. Now a days, Doritos is not only known for getting the powder flavor all over your hands, but their annual Super Bowl commercials. 

The next time you're home sitting on the couch, eating one, or all (I don't judge) of these foods, you can decide which of these stories you believe.