Ever since the drive-in scene from "Grease," I've always wanted to go to a drive-in theater. For one thing, there's more freedom to talk and move around since you have your own space. Plus, it's a lot more comfortable. I mean, unless your local theater has those cool recliner chairs and tiny tables to keep your snacks on, movie theater seats are not the best. At drive-ins, you have the choice to sit in your car or bring your own nice and comfy chairs. 

With that being said, there is a lot more preparation involved. So if you want a great experience, start off with these basic essentials for drive-in movie nights


pepperoni, bacon, meat, pizza
Libby Perold

Before you start packing your snacks and such, decide if you'll be eating dinner before or during the movie.  If you decide to eat during the movie, I found pizza to be the easiest option. Just order and pick up pizza from a local store before the movie begins. 


caramel, wheat, butter, salt, kettle corn, cereal, corn, popcorn
Sara Carte

One thing you have to eat at any movie is popcorn and it's no different at the drive-thru. Bring your own pre-popped popcorn or buy some at the concession stands. My personal preference is buying popcorn from the stands because I feel as though it provides a more authentic movie experience. That being said, I usually bring my own drinks and snacks since I don't have that kind of money laying around. 

Candy and Chocolate 

candy, chocolate, goody, sweet, sweetmeat
Becky Hughes

At any movie, you can catch me with a "Reese's" box in one hand and a "Sour Patch" in the other. It's an odd combination, but I don't care since I can switch between chocolatey and sweet anytime I want.

Before heading to the drive-in, go to your local grocery store and just buy everything. Okay, not everything, but grab as much chocolate and candy as you want. Besides, you can never have too much. 


alcohol, soda, beer, ice, juice
Amelia Schwartz

Like I said before, plan on bringing drinks with you to save some money at the concession stand. Soda, juice, or water will be nice to have while snacking, but don't forget to bring a cooler. Warm soda and salty popcorn are not a good match. 


apple, juice, sweet, pasture
Santina Renzi

After all that sweet and delicious junk food, I always find myself craving fruit. I don't know if that happens to anyone else and if this was a YouTube video, I'd ask you to tell me in the comment section below, but it's not. Anyways, if you're like me, bring any kind of fruit you want, as long as it's not a watermelon or something, and even if you're not, still do it.  


chocolate, crunch, candy, chips
Francesca Rinaldo

Of course cookies would be on this list. Sweets like cookies and donuts will help keep through the movie, and even if they don't, they're still really good. 

Picnic Blankets  

No matter where you sit, you'll need some picnic blankets for cushioning and comfort. You don't want to be sitting down on the floor of the trunk or the ground for a few hours without cushioning, so you'll want to remember this item. 

Throw Blankets

I have a tendency of never bringing jackets with me anywhere just because I think that being from Seattle makes me immune to cold, which isn't smart because like most of my life decisions, I always regret it. Anyways, you'll probably bring jackets with you, but just in case, bring some fuzzy blankets you can snuggle up in. 


In addition to the throw blankets and picnic blankets, find some comfortable pillows you can lean on during the movie and trust me when I say that this is a must-have. My group didn't bring enough pillows for our first outing, and we spent half the time shifting around and leaning on random parts of the inside of the trunk to get comfy. It's funny now, wasn't so funny then.  

Whether you decide to go in a group, alone, or just with a few friends, these essentials for drive-in movie nights will help prepare you for a great experience.