You know when you order a bucket of buttery popcorn at the movies and only the top few inches are buttery while the rest of the bucket is unbuttered? Well, not anymore thanks to these viral TikTok hacks to evenly butter movie theater popcorn.

The straw hack

The first TikTok hack involves a movie theater that lets you butter your own popcorn and a drinking straw.

TikTok user Colleen (@colleenlepp) revealed that their aunt taught them this trick as a child and has been using it ever since.

To follow this convenient way to butter your popcorn evenly, stick a straw in the middle of your popcorn bucket and align it with the butter dispenser. Getting the straw in line with the butter dispenser might be the trickiest part of the hack, but once you get the butter flowing into your straw, you’re basically done! Just swirl around your butter-filled straw to different areas of your popcorn bucket, and you’ll have yourself a totally buttered popcorn bucket.

The spray bottle hack

This hack is a little bit more advanced in terms of equipment: you’ll still need access to a movie theater with a self-buttering stand, but you’ll also need to bring your own spray bottle.

TikTok user Britt (@satanic_yeti) gained over two million views for this spray bottle buttered popcorn hack. In the video, they fill up a small spray bottle with butter and give their bucket of popcorn a few spritz. With this convenient way of spritzing a fine mist of butter all over your movie theater popcorn, you’ll get to enjoy freshly buttered layers of popcorn as you make your way down the bucket.

The comments were full of praise for this clever hack. TikTok user (@catetortola) commented, “As someone who was a manager at an AMC, I applaud you.”

With these two TikTok hacks to battle unevenly buttered, or even unbuttered popcorn, you’re all set to have a delicious, buttered-all-the-way bucket of popcorn the next time you’re going to the movies.