I've had my job at a local movie theater for two summers now, and I know the ins and outs of that place like the back of my hand. This theater happens to be one of the biggest and busiest locations in my state, too, so we regularly expect tons of guests. While the popcorn on the floor seems to multiply, and Pixar movies always seem to attract the messiest fun-size guests—things can get a bit crazy working at a movie theater. Here are 10 things that every movie theater employee knows all too well.

1. When you've just gotten to your drawer and you're emptying money into your register, and a customer makes a beeline for you

Whoa whoa whoa, one minute. I've got to log on, load my money in, and mentally prepare myself for this closing shift.

2. When you go in to the theater as soon as the credits are over and a few people are still sitting on their phones

The credits are over, so I'm technically allowed to clean the theater, but I really don't want to kick them out because that'll be so awk. I'm torn.

3. When you find 384,838 napkins in a cup-holder that haven't been used at all

Let's save some trees, people. 

4. When a customer says they never got their drink cup/popcorn but your employee friend next to you says otherwise

I know the customer is always right, but it gets tricky when we suspect that they're trying to scam us for free stuff.

5. When you're scooping popcorn and the customer says he wants "the fresh stuff" instead

Sir, I don't think you understand, everything is the fresh stuff. Seriously. We pop popcorn constantly so I can assure you, it's all good to go.

6. When a customer yells at you because of how high the prices are, so you quickly give yourself a pep talk

All right, chill, just chill. That was only one person and you've still got 4 more hours of this shift. Keep on chuggin' along. Deep breaths.

7. When you check the bathrooms and half of the toilets haven't been flushed

People, it will not kill you to flush the toilets after you're done using them. 

8. When a customer makes the "if it doesn't scan, it must be free!" joke

If I hear that line one more time, I think I'm going to scream. We've become pretty immune to price-related jokes at this point.

9. When your manager tells you to go home early and you view you feel on top of the world

I don't really need the money, right? As far as I'm concerned, I've got a hot date with fast food and Netflix tonight. Peace out.

10. When you're finally done with closing shift and go to a diner with your work squad

After work is prime hangout time, because your coworkers become your best friends – there's no other group you'd rather get pancakes with at 2 AM.