McDonald's isn't exactly known for being vegan-friendly. Beyond apple slices, side salads, and coffee, their vegan options are pretty much non-existent. Even their French fries are notoriously fried in beef fat. But now even Mickie D's is hoppin' on the vegan train (along with Halo Top!) with their new "McVegan" veggie burger.

Available for a very limited time in a single city (Tampere, Finland), the McVegan stacks a soy patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard, all on an iconic McDonald's sesame-seed bun.

Alex Frank

The burger rolled out Oct. 4 and will be around until Nov. 21. McDonald's restaurants in Finland already offer several meat-free options, making it a perfect market to test their vegan burger.

In response to many social media inquiries to bring these stateside, a rep from McDonald's has stated that there is no plan to bring the McVegan to expand outside of Finland (aka it's unlikely you'll see it at your local McD's anytime soon).

But with the growing popularity of plant-based burgers and fast-food options on the market today, perhaps McDonald's will have a change of heart to keep up with the times.

Here's to hoping for more vegan options! In the meantime, looks like we'll either be going to Amy's Drive Thru on the West Coast or making our own vegan burgers at home.