Curls,Coils,Kinks..YOU NAME IT! Maintaining hair of any texture can be pretty time consuming while in college.The deep conditioning, the dry time, and the detangling can all be a pain in the butt. This is what makes maintaing curly hair in college difficult ,because the average college student does not have much time to waste on doing hair. While there are many cons to having curly hair in college, it also comes with an abundance of pros. Let me show you how to tackle the cons of having curly hair! Healthy hair is better than "lengthy" hair. 

1. No Heat

First and foremost, Heat for your precious curls is the devil. Yeah, it is okay to straighten your hair every now and then BUT it is best to use as little heat as possible. Wanna know a great alternative? AIR. Although the shrinkage is real when you decide air dry, it is healthier for your hair! Keep your hair as hydrated as possible. Also, try your best to not touch your curls as they dry, because that causes the frizzies and no one likes frizzy.

2. Deep Conditioning

Curly hair is like a plant, for it to grow and be healthy, it must be conditioned,trained and hydrated. Deep conditioning is one of the most important tips when it comes to taking proper care of your hair.This is extremely important because deep conditioning restores your hair strands so that your hair can withstand all the tugging, combing, and detangling. This produces best results when heat is applied ,but for those who do not use heat like myself, there are heatless solutions. 

3. Cotton is not your friend

Curly hair and cotton do not mix! We all want luscious, hydrated curls and cotton does the complete opposite. Cotton dries curly hair and produces frizziness. Luckily, there is a great invention we all love known as, satin. Satin is a Curls best friend. From satin pillow cases, satin hair scarves, and of course the OG satin bonnet, they all benefit curly hair.

With proper conditioning, detangling, and hydration, your curls will become more manageble. You will be able to learn what works for your hair better and this cuts time down on your early morning routine. Embrace your curls,kinks, and coils because you are more than just your hair. Your hair is unique and has its own definition just like you!