Having curly hair is a blessing and a curse – while you can enjoy pretty, bouncy ringlets (on a good hair day), the dryness, tangles, and split ends can be a nuisance to deal with. While there are a plethora of hair care products that advertise silky smooth strands and tangle free tresses, my personal philosophy is less is more. Overcome the frustration of hair maintenance with these healthy tips that I have used on my locks for years.

1. Hydrate with a Natural Oil

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Andrew Zaky

Curly hair is very prone to dryness and frizziness, so as you can imagine humid or rainy days are a nightmare. While you can't control the weather, you can control the moisture level of your hair. Make sure to use a hydrating conditioner in the shower, and add in a leave in product afterward, preferably something natural like coconut oil. I put a small amount of coconut oil on the ends of my hair, and my curls are perfectly soft and hydrated throughout the entire day. 

2. Air Dry

The best way to dry your hair is the old fashioned way – let the air work its magic. Try not to touch your wet curls, as your hands contain oils that could potentially lead to frizz. The natural oil (i.e. coconut oil) you put in your hair should be enough to guarantee nice curls – no need to add styling products all the time. That can just weigh down your locks and potentially make them even drier. 

3. Limit Heating Products

While many curly hair gals (including myself) often wish they had straight hair, it's best to not use heating products very often. Why? You guessed it: they dry out hair. It's fun to change your look every once in a while, but it's important to keep your hair healthy by keeping it as hydrated as possible. 

Curly hair is almost like a living creature – in order for it to be healthy, it should stay hydrated. While curly hair can seem like it is high maintenance and requires endless products to tame its wild nature, less is actually more. Your morning routine just became ten times easier. Don't like your natural waves or ringlets? Just remember that Greek goddesses were always depicted with curly hair...so that's pretty awesome. Be proud of your healthy, hydrated, and fabulous curls!