2017 is gonna be a big year for food. From Buddha bowls to charcoal foods, we're expecting some awesome trends this year and food delivery is one of them. We have already been introduced to apps like Postmates that will deliver you food from basically anywhere; but now, something even bigger is coming into our radars, and it'll have your head in the clouds.

That's right, foods are now available by drone. According to one source, this invention has been in the works for years now, and should see a rise in the years to come. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has finally allowed for commercial drone use, which means it's legal to have a cold beer delivered to you by a drone. Pretty cool, huh? So to get you even more excited, here are all the foods you can have delivered by a drone

1. Pizza

tomato, pizza, mozzarella, basil
Alex Frank

Pizza delivery just got a major upgrade. This revolutionary device has been used in pizzerias across the world. While the rest of the world has already hopped on this trend, Domino's is testing out a drone device called the "Domicopter." I can't wait. 

2. Tacos

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Christin Urso

WOW. I can't even find a taqueria that delivers near me. If drones were to pick this up, it would be huge. Geniuses in Silicon Valley designed the "Tacocopter" and got taco fans everywhere excited. This is going to change the game of drunk eats.

3. Champagne

toast, wine, champagne
Lucy Carlisle

Poppin' bottles delivered via drone? You got it. A hotel in California offers drone-delivered bubbly to their guests. Want to get your hands on this? You'll have to book the Alexandrite Suite at the The Mansion at Casa Madrona in Sausalito, CA. Heads up though, this room runs around $10,000 a night.

4. Coca-Cola

ice, liquor, beer, alcohol, wine, coffee
Bethany Garcia

An ice cold Coca-Cola delivered via mini-copter? You bet. In Singapore, Coca Cola delivered ice cold Cokes to workers away from home. Not only did the drones contain these refreshing drinks, they also included notes from their families. Ugh, you pull at the heart strings, Coke. 

5. Sushi

rice, wasabi, nigiri, tuna, sushi
Armin Nayak

Flying fish! Back in 2011, before drones were even trendy, London chain restaurant YO! started testing out drone delivery for sushi and sushi burgers (intriguing). Fingers crossed that six years has been enough time to bring this bad boy to the market. 

6. Beer

cider, juice, lager, wine, ice, liquor, alcohol, beer
Alex Frank

Nothing like a nice cold brew sent via the sky, am I right? I mean, much like those in The Hunger Games, I could use a nice sponsor gift of beer as a pick-me-up. Lucky for me, a Minnesota brewing company called Lakemaid has starting doing just that. They even delivered some nice cold ones to a few ice fisherman — I mean, it's never too cold for a brew. 

7. Burritos

tomato, bread, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, vegetable, meat, chicken, burrito
Kaylee McIntosh

First tacos, now this?! I couldn't be happier. This DIY project brought to us by the masterminds at Darwin Aerospace, is named the "Burrito Bomber." Wonder if this would be TSA approved — probably not — but still on my bucket list. 

8. Bottle Service

booze, rum, soda, wine, ice, vodka, beer, whisky, alcohol, liquor
Avery Allen

Oh man. Nothing ruins a night more than getting all dressed up to realize you're all out of booze. Thanks to drone delivery, you won't have to worry ever again. Popular Vegas club, The Marquee, offers this bougie way to get drunk, ringing in at a rumored $20,000- and I thought Grey Goose was expensive. 

And you thought drones were just for taking pretty pictures? Well, you were wrong. Thanks to the geniuses of the world, you can now get your favorite food and drinks delivered to you via the air. You know what would make this even cooler? If there was a live camera view of it being delivered. Picture your Domino's being delivered over New York City's skyline, or passing your Campus chapel...

Alex Frank