If you could select a drink to represent your favorite Beauty and The Beast character, what would it be? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Check out what you and your favorite character’s personality attributes have to say about the finer things in life --wine and spirits! 

Belle: Rosé

Bright and refreshing ensemble, Rosé is the perfect glass of wine for the Belle in you. This sweet, yet zesty blend proves that quaint meets powerful! 

The Beast: Moscow Mule

The Beast is known for his feverish temperament, but we learn he is rather warm and kind after all. Known for its cool yet spicy palate, a Moscow Mule is the way to go. The Beast in you could never go wrong with a warm yet cool glass or shall I say a “mule” of this gingery, citrus cocktail. The Mule is truly a true resemblance of when opposites collide!  

Gaston: Beer

"My what a guy that Gaston!” No matter what the occasion, "Give five “hurrahs! Give twelve "hip-hips,” oh and grab yourself a beer with friends. 

Lumiere: Champagne

 Bring on your sociable personality and a bottle of “bubbly” and get the good times going just as Lumiere would light up any scene with his candlestick magic! 

Mrs. Potts: Mimosa

Because what’s brunch or a tea party without a couple of tangy mimosas? Mrs. Potts, a true hostess in every sense of the word would undoubtedly agree! 

Cogsworth: Wine

Just like Cogsworth, we could use a little bit of time to “wind” down. So quit wining, grab a glass, and pour yourself some of your preferred red or white wine. No complaints here, right?

Babette: Sangria

Feeling as flirtatious as the lovely Babette (a.k.a. the feather-duster) ? Enjoy a glass of fruity Sangria, the perfect combination of chic and magnifique. 

And there you have it. Try one, or try them all and channel your inner Beauty and The Beast character with some Disney inspired drinks and fun!