I am always searching for the perfect on-the-go snack. What will give me the most energy and keep me full the longest? When there are so many options to choose from today, I find myself wanting to try them all versus staying loyal to a certain brand. ReGrained bars have led me to the end of my search because they are tasty, healthy, AND good for the environment. However, the ReGrained motto is "Eat Beer". Who knew beer could be healthy AND tasty? The search for the perfect energy bar is over. 

About ReGrained

Leah Akins

ReGrained is a company started by UCLA graduates who discovered they could bake bread from the excess grain that is extracted in the beer-brewing process. In other words, these guys were drinking beer -- and eating it too. After brewing their own beer and selling the bread they made, these inventors saw the potential of this unique grain. While brewing beer, the sugar in grains is extracted, and the byproduct is full of fiber, protein, and micronutrients. SuperGrain+ is the flour made with this power-packed byproduct, which is then used to make the irresistible snack.

The company's motto, "Eat Beer" is comprehensive of the company's goal, to "upcycle" products that would otherwise be wasted. Edible upcyling is a new trend for sustainable food companies. The process reduces food waste, maximizing the ingredients, energy, and resources that go into creating the food we all eat. Helping the planet and its people. 

Healthy AND Good For the Planet?

Leah Akins

By inventing a way to turn something that in the past would have been thrown away, ReGrained is helping the planet while creating delicious snacks. The wrapping on each bar is sustainable as well, the company stands by their mission in all aspects of production. The transformation of the excess grain into SuperGrain+ is a process exclusive to ReGrained right now. ReGrained is currently using their SuperGrain+ solely in energy bars, but the founders have high exceptions for the potential of this nutrient-rich flour. 

The Product 

Leah Akins

You're probably wondering (like I was) if the bars taste like beer. Unfortunately, they do not. ReGrained bars currently come in three yummy flavors; Honey Cinnamon IPA, Chocolate Coffee Stout, and Blueberry Sunflower Saison. I had my parents and sister try all three flavors, and the favorite was the Honey Cinnamon. The subtly sweet flavor was not overwhelming but certainly addicting. The Blueberry and Coffee were equally tasty. The Blueberry is perfect if you like a fresher and fruitier taste while the Chocolate is perfect if you are craving a healthy dessert

The Mission

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ReGrained started with two college students with an idea to reduce food waste and create a delicious product. The company holds true to its mission statement in every way: To rescue those overlooked, but awesome ingredients and put them back to work—fueling your day, your taste buds, and your imagination. 

Check out the ReGrained site to learn more about how edible upcycling works, and check out the awesome "Eat Beer" merchandise. And of course, make sure to try the bars when you are there. And why try one when you can try them all?