There's no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with your hectic schedule, eating breakfast is essential to keep you running. But when the mid-morning crash hits, that bagel with cream cheese you thought would be energizing is actually slowing you down. Have you ever thought of switching to a protein-packed breakfast?

Ever since I started opting for more eggs and Greek yogurt for breakfast instead of a sugar-packed bowl of cereal, my diet has drastically changed for the better. Here are some more detailed reasons why starting your day on a high protein energizing note can be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

Why is Protein Important?

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Heather Feibleman

Protein is essential to developing lean muscle, bones, and increasing immunity. Whether you're a vegan, a pescaterian, a bacontarian, or following the Mediterranean diet, everyone needs a source of protein in their diet. Most people eat the majority of their protein at dinnertime, however, the body can only digest and use so much at one time. By incorporating more in the morning, it will help fuel your body throughout the day from the get-go.

1. No More Hunger 

Too many refined carbohydrates for breakfast can leave you hungry about an hour later, just ask your bowl of Special K. However, consuming more protein for breakfast will help slow down digestion, making you feel more satisfied for a longer period of time. 

The good news is that millennials already seem to be making the switch to a more protein-filled breakfast. An NPD generational study showed that younger generations are consuming more "traditional" breakfast foods such as eggs

Considering the fact that most millennials live a restless lifestyle, it's simply not ideal to have to stop what you are doing in the middle of the morning to go eat a second breakfast just because you get hungry again. And everyone knows that being hungry is distracting af. It's no wonder why choosing the more fueling and filling breakfast option is desired nowadays, more than ever.

2. Say Buh-Bye to Your Cravings

The spike in blood sugar and insulin levels due to eating too many processed carbohydrates can lead to snacking on more junk food later in the day. One study showed that incorporating higher amounts of protein for breakfast will help you set well-balanced portions for the remainder of the day. 

Another study done at the University of Missouri examined the affects of consuming 35 gram of protein for breakfast on young women aged 18 to 20. The results concluded that there was a significant reduction in high-fat foods later in the day. Unhealthy snacking creates hormonal imbalance and a spike in blood sugars. There was also significant reduction in brain activity responsible for food cravings. Food for thought—literally.

3. Shed Those Pounds, Hunny!

Considering the combination of being full for longer periods of time and having less fatty cravings throughout the day, there's no question that eating more protein in the morning can lead to weight loss. There is also a solid chance that overeating will subside as an improvement of food choices too. In addition, higher protein consumption can boost your metabolism. 

Protein has a high thermic affect, aka it takes more work for your body to break down and digest the foods. Basically, this means you're burning more calories when eating protein. However, moderation is key. Over-consuming a considerably high amount of protein can be less beneficial in the long run. It is recommended the adult men get 56 grams and adult women get 46 grams of protein per day.

There are so many crucial benefits to consuming protein. Everyone needs it in their diets to build and restore muscle. Not only is it imperative, it will help improve your healthy living. Consuming a protein-packed meal in the beginning of the day will set you up on a good note for the rest of the day. Hunger will subside, leaving you energized and focused.

In addition, fewer mid-morning cravings will make you stray away from grabbing that sugary granola bar from your backpack. Ultimately, satiety and fewer cravings can lead to weight loss. 

Many people are guilty of chomping on an indulgent snack mindlessly at some point in the day—myself included. But ever since I have decided eat a protein-packed breakfast, my health and fitness journey has improved for the better. If you don't believe me, I challenge you to try it yourself.

Next time you find yourself pouring a bowl of Froot Loops, switch it up and make an omelet packed with beans, spinach, and tomatoes. You'll love the way you feel and your body will thank you.