Everybody goes through the “new year, new me” stage. If you’re a college student (or any student for that matter) just barely getting by this spring semester, then you know you’ve already promised yourself to lose weight, eat healthy, workout more, raise your GPA, etc.

However, living on a college campus and eating healthy can be very challenging. I mean, stress eating, binge eating, midnight munchies, and “Freshmen 15” are real terms we’ve all heard of, lived through, and fear for. In college dining halls, it is very easy to endlessly keep eating (even if the food doesn’t taste good, but you’re still a college student with needs to meet) because there’s an endless amount of food readily available for you. Then there's the nights out and the ritual pizzas at 2 am.

I get it. Eating healthy can be tough. However, I’ve found that avoiding the fatty, sugary, fried foods that are responsible for those extra pounds gained over the most stressful months of the year is easier if you keep healthy, wholesome foods in your dorm room. Doing this also helps avoid the extra acne on your face or the weariness caused by bad nutrition. With a little planning ahead, some shopping, a mini fridge, and a microwave, you can do wonders. Follow this grocery list next time you make a trip to your nearest grocery store, and start the year off on the right foot.  

1. Greek Yogurt

tea, milk, coffee
Alex Frank

Greek yogurt is the perfect snack or healthy alternative if you’re craving ice cream. Choose one of the many existing flavors and brands, add as many toppings as you wish, and you’ve got yourself a healthified version of ice cream. Who said desserts can’t be healthy?

2. Almond Milk

If you have are lactose intolerant or simply don’t like milk, I recommend trying out almond milk. It comes in many flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, and sweetened or unsweetened. Plus, almond milk has so many benefits that you probably had no idea about. Add it to your cereal, coffee, oatmeal, and even smoothies and start your days off the right way.

3. Nuts

peanut, cereal, cashew, nut
Kristine Mahan

It’s been a long week of homework, quizzes, and tests. You’ve been studying at the library for about three hours now and can feel your stomach begin to growl. But you can’t afford to stop studying because, if you're being real with yourself, you know you will not come back.

My go-to snack in this type of scenario is a serving of my favorite nuts to munch on them while I keep on doing my thing. Cashews are one of my favorite type of nuts, not to mention the great health benefits they provide. Mix your snack up by adding some cranberries, dried apricots, or make your own trail mix to carry around with you. 

4. Granola Bars

sweet, milk, chocolate, candy
Lissane Kafie

The easiest snack to carry around, without a doubt, is a granola bar. Seriously, these things save my days. Whenever I am running late in the mornings, I grab a granola bar and munch on it while I sprint to class. Although they’re not considered an ideal breakfast, they help keep me focused and alert until I can finally get my hands on some real food. My roommates and I like to keep things interesting by buying a variety of granola bars and having them handy to keep things interesting.

5. Popcorn

Sara Carte

Whenever I have the opportunity to stay in and watch a movie, I turn into Olivia Pope and crave popcorn and red wine. There is something about watching a movie that just calls for popcorn, right? Having popcorn handy is always a must for us college students, especially on those Friday nights when staying in is much needed. Choose some of these healthier takes on popcorn and eat away! 

6. Cereal/Granola

cream, milk, sweet, corn, cereal
Kirby Barth

We all have certain foods that remind us of our childhood. For me, it’s Zucaritas (equivalent of Frosted Flakes in Honduras) with chopped up bananas that gives me the chills and takes me back to 7-year old me. Cereal is not only absolutely delicious, but also quick, easy, and sometimes healthy. I usually always have cereal and/or granola in my dorm room. I eat it dry and by the handful whenever I want something to nibble on, in a bowl with almond milk, or as a topping on my yogurt. 

7. Almond Butter

Where do I even begin with this one. I can literally say I have an exclusive relationship with almond butter. I used to be a huge peanut butter fan, but once I tasted almond butter for the first time, it was like love at first sight. It is a better source of healthy fats and has a more natural taste than peanut butter. Almond butter is great to have as a spread on toast or as a dip for your apple slices. 

8. Coffee/Tea

beer, juice
Lissane Kafie

For the majority of college students, coffee and tea are a crucial in the dorm room. Having K-cups and bags of tea in your dorm can help save a few bucks on your morning cup of coffee.  Stock up on lots of different K-cup flavors to keep your mornings bright and interesting.

9. Fruits

pasture, sweet, juice, apple
Santina Renzi

Fruits, whether fresh or frozen, are great to have around. Toss them on your bowl of cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, or just eat them as a healthy, vitamin-filled snack. 

10. Eggs

milk, cream, egg, deviled eggs, sweet, dairy product
Caroline Alexander

Hard-boiled, sunny-side up, scrambled, or poached, eggs are a traditional staple breakfast item. In addition, eggs provide a great source of protein to our diets. Once I finally learned how to use the microwave to make eggs, my life found a new meaning.

11. Hummus & Carrots

Chickpeas are a great source of protein and fiber in our diets. Hummus, a chickpea-based spread or dip, is one of my roommates and I's favorite thing in the world. There are so many ways to eat more hummus and get all the gains. Buying big carrots as opposed to baby is a whole lot cheaper, and most of the time way more flavorful. 

So, next time you and your roommates make a trip to the store, keep this grocery list in mind to keep an organized and balanced grocery cart.