There is nothing more perfect in this world than a warm, glazed donut. A simple sugar or chocolate glaze, or something more exciting like maple bacon or Fruity Pebbles. You can get your donut super-sized, mini-sized, or the "bread" of a sandwich (looking at you state fairs). 

But I hold a very strong opinion about donuts: they are not breakfast foods. I know this is a controversial opinion but following these points, you might come to believe me too.  

1. There's No Nutritional Benefit

Donuts are some of the most delicious things in the world but as with many other delicious things like soda or fried chicken, they're not necessarily good for you. Each donut has a few hundred calories in each one. Dunkin's jelly-filled donut has 221 calories per donut that you eat. Now, of course, you need calories but there are many other ways to get the calories you need in the morning that will help keep you full until your next meal. The goal is to not binge-eating five donuts in one sitting at seven in the morning. There's also a lot of sugar in that beautiful shiny glaze. The average donut has around 11 grams of sugar in it, but a chocolate donut with sprinkles from Dunkin' has 15 grams of sugar and 270 calories. 

2. Donuts Do Not Start Your Day

If you're eating a donut for the boost of energy a donut will give you in the morning, think again. Sugar crash is real and eating too many donuts as your first meal will not give you the energy and strength you need to get to lunch without a snack. A snack such as another donut. There's a reason people say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Eating breakfast in the morning tells your body that you can kickstart your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. Starting with healthy food may also help you continue that trend throughout the day. Don't start out by giving your body a handful of sugar and thinking you'll be your most productive self. Instead, try coconut coffee or any of these 8 energy drinks (that aren't coffee) to give yourself a healthy boost. 

3. They're Just Better for Dessert

Have you ever been to a wedding or recruitment event or any large party where there was a donut wall present? Tell me that wasn't the best part of your day seeing all that shiny glaze and decadent toppings. Donuts are absolutely amazing, for dessert. Think of it as a treat to yourself at the end of the day instead of at the beginning. Donuts are sweet and sugary as previously mentioned, but they have a tendency to put us in a happy mood. 

Everyone always cheers for donuts; at meetings, in class, at parties. They're a win-win, just not for breakfast. So take your time in the morning, eat those healthy foods, and save that chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles for later.