Donald J. Trump–Miss USA pageant owner, Trump tower builder, pussy grabbing, combover rocking, fast food aficionado. Trump has just become the nation's first fast food president. Ever wonder how he celebrated his Republican presidential nomination? A McDouble and fries. Due to the unique diet of our 45th President, I decided to step into his shoes for the day and eat like he does, because why not?

PSA: this is not a diet. Trump is king of all things fast food and is known to be "hooked" on McDonalds. His daily diet is essentially a cheat day on steroids. I wanted to see how the President of the United States feels on the daily because of his diet, and let me tell you, I was not feeling so hot after a day of this. It honestly worries me that Trump might be spending more time tending to a stomachache than addressing important policies. 

Unfortunately, I am a vegetarian and was not willing to let 7 years of being a vegetarian slide, however that didn't stop me from indulging in all his favorite meat-free foods. Although I didn't chow down of a bucket of KFC fried chicken or a Big Mac, I did hit up a lot of popular chain restaurants and went for the least healthy vegetarian options. 


chicken, lettuce, salad
Lucy Carlisle

One of Trump's most iconic photos is him eating Mexican food with the caption "I love Hispanics". Of course, I needed to start my day off with a taco bowl, just like he does in the White House. I got fat bowl from Chipotle, paired with a Diet Coke (his fav), chips and guac. Tasty, but not the best breakfast option. 

Oh, and hey, Donald, just so you know, just because you take pictures eating Mexican food doesn't mean you "love Hispanics." 


bread, salt, french fries
Lucy Carlisle

My stomach was already unsettled from my taco bowl breakfast. I vouched for fries, with a side of panini for lunch. I call it the "skinny" panini: avocado, spinach and pepper jack cheese. Donald, I suggest you add this to your "diet" because I felt like sh*t after one meal eating like you. 


ketchup, salt, potato, french fries
Alex Frank

An hour later, I couldn't believe I was able to fit a "snack" into my body. Supposedly, McDonald's is Trump's all time favorite fast food restaurant, so I couldn't skip it. A large fry and McCafe shake was my mid-afternoon snack of the day. It feels so wrong to have the words "snack" and "large fry" in the same sentence, but here we are. 


Erin Davis

Donald Trump's diet made me get out of my comfort zone. I made my first trip to Sonic and ordered just about everything on the menu. Family sized fried pickles, XL mozzarella sticks, 4 blue raspberry slushies with Nerds candy, and 3 corn dogs. I had friends with me on this trip to help me out, but I still took about 30 fried pickles and a food baby back to campus.

The Next Day

After this experience, the majority of my day was spent in the bathroom. I wonder if Trump has a golden toilet? He will be spending more time in the White House bathroom than in the Oval Office if he continues eating like this.

In my opinion, the Presidential diet is not the way to go. My stomach was in shreds for days, and I didn't want to leave my bed.  It's no surprise that a diet full of fatty, fried foods will have you feeling under the weather. Although our 45th president has bigger issues than where he's getting lunch, it may be hard to perform under this diet, and I can understand why.