We all know that being in college can easily lead to an empty bank account. Just a couple weekends ago I went to Heaven on Earth, aka Wegmans, and only bought a couple of things. As I swiped my shiny new debit card, I winced a little at the idea that I had just spent thirty-five dollars on snack foods that would hopefully last me a couple weeks. 

While I love Wegmans for its assortment and grandeur, I also have to admit, I'm a faithful Dollar Tree shopper. Laugh all you want— but I have circumnavigated this store and found the do's and don'ts. Lucky for you, I have found 10 products you can find there that you'll actually want to eat.

1. Honey Wheat Braided Pretzels

Kaitlyn Sevilla

These are a personal favorite. I could snack on these all day. Try pairing them with a beer cheese or a nutty chocolate spread. Or you can always dunk them in good old peanut butter.

2. Jif To Go Cups

Kaitlyn Sevilla

These little guys are perfect for an in-between/during class snack. They come in both peanut butter and chocolate. Not only are they perfect for pretzels, but they are bomb with apples, graham crackers. 

3. Pop Corners 

sweet, milk, candy, chocolate, chips, dairy product, crunch
Kaitlyn Sevilla

Warning: may cause extreme addiction. I seriously could eat an entire bag in one sitting (and totally have before). They have the crunch of a potato chip with the healthier aspect of being popped not fried. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors, such as carnival kettle and cheddar feel-good pictured above. 

4. Top Ramen 

Kaitlyn Sevilla

If you don't have Top Ramen in your dorm you're not a college student. It's like a rite-of-passage. And it's good plain, but even better when you spice it up with easy ramen hacks

5. Pringles 

juice, sweet
Kaitlyn Sevilla

These are a grade-A classic. You can find these bad boys at other stores for $1.50. At that rate, you might as well buy two, heck three cans, and walk away feeling like a featured shopper on Extreme Couponing.

6. Special K Granola Cups

candy, sweet, milk
Kaitlyn Sevilla

I hoard so much Special K cereal in my dorm that people have started to ask me if I'm sponsored by them. It's delicious and healthy—and now they make granola! Add it to your favorite yogurt and make your own breakfast of champions. 

7. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 

Kaitlyn Sevilla

Ahhh. The other college classic, boxed mac n' cheese. For only a dollar, how can you go wrong? Try amping up the cheesy dish with a new ingredient list and feel like a true chef. 

8. Luigi's Italian Ice 

milk, coffee
Kaitlyn Sevilla

This is the perfect treat after a long day of classes. They're small enough to store in your dorm freezer, and you won't have to wait in the long line for ice cream at the dining hall. Four cups for just a dollar—that's a steal. 

9. Cinnamon Apple Puffs 

candy, chocolate
Kaitlyn Sevilla

These are hella addictive. My sister and I devoured an entire bag in an hour. Try them on top of vanilla ice cream or dipped in some salted caramel sauce

10. Hot Chocolate Packets 

sweet, candy, chocolate, pastry, cookie, cake
Kaitlyn Sevilla

Hot chocolate—how can you go wrong? With a bonus of marshmallows, this is a mega deal. There are plenty of recipes that take a fun spin on the old classic. 

Who knew food from the Dollar Tree could be so tasty?