If any prospective freshman care about the quality of dining hall food, they're bound to be excited to come to St. Edward's. Our award-winning food provider, Bon Appétit, prioritizes supporting local farms, only using humanely raised meat, and addressing the relationship between food and climate change—they basically sound like a dining hall dream come true. But freshman have found that dining hall food hasn't always met their expectations...

1. Why is my chicken green?

vegetable, chicken, pork, fish, sauce, meat
Jeweliana Molinas

I would hope it's because they're grass-fed, but chickens don't eat grass...

2. Why does it take Hunt an hour to make a hamburger and it take Rags a minute?

I feel a small stab to the heart every time I feel hungry over the weekend and remember Rags is closed and its bountiful options are unavailable to me.

3. Is the sushi here really sushi?

vegetable, sushi, rice
Jeweliana Molinas

Real talk: it can't be if it falls apart the second you pick it up.

4. I live for Hunt breakfast.

Pancakes, waffles, eggs, and tacos; all the hangover recovery fuel you need.

#Spoontip: if you somehow get tired of Hunt breakfast, buy an avocado, take it to Jo's, buy a bagel, and voilà! Homemade avocado toast.

5. Turbos changed my life.

milk, tea, coffee
Jeweliana Molinas

I'm hopped up on caffeine and sugar all the time and, frankly, couldn't be happier about it.

6. Wait, the chocolate muffins are vegan? But they're so good!

cupcake, sweet, pastry, coffee, muffin, cake, chocolate
Jeweliana Molinas

Surprise surprise, vegan food can be bomb as hell.

7. The only way I can afford Jo's is through my meal plan—thanks mom and dad.

beer, pizza
Jeweliana Molinas

You really expect me to pay six dollars for a big of potato chips? Yeah, okay.

8. Outtakes stocking Ben & Jerry's and Lick ice cream can't be good for my Freshman Fifteen situation.

milk, coffee, tea
Jeweliana Molinas

...but it's incredible for my mental health.

9. You tellin' me I can have chicken tenders and fries every day if I want? I love college.

french fries, chicken, chips
Jeweliana Molinas

With extra Frank's RedHot, please and thank you.

10. WHEN will the bookstore take meal plan?

Jeweliana Molinas

There are so many snack options I never even knew I was missing.

11. Is there any way to really eat healthy at the dining halls?

cheese, salad, lettuce
Jeweliana Molinas

Sometimes I want something heftier than a salad, but burgers and quesadillas aren't gonna cut it.

12. The dining hall hours are trash GARBAGE.

beans, tea, coffee, beer
Jeweliana Molinas

Closed at 7pm? C'mon now, we're growing college kids.

13. Why does my broccoli taste like tree bark?

cabbage, vegetable, salad, broccoli
Grace DeLucia

If it looks like a tree, it only makes sense it would taste like one—right?

14. Can you die from too much pizza?

dough, cheese, mozzarella, tomato, crust, sauce, pepperoni, pizza
Jeweliana Molinas

When it's there every day, it's just so hard to say no.

15. Why does my Huddle feel like diarrhea?

bacon, sandwich
Jeweliana Molinas

How can something that tastes so good feel so bad?

16. LOVE the salad bar.

Jeweliana Molinas

Tons of variety through the tons of toppings and different composed salads every day—A+.

17. I didn't know this wasn't for free...

Or maybe I just didn't want to admit it.

These quotes are from students of all years, so Bon App has definitely made progress towards improvement since some of us were freshman. They just revamped South Congress Market in Ragsdale and now have a website listing all their daily specials that cater to all dietary needs. While Bon App food isn't always perfect, we do appreciate how hard they work to keep us healthy and happy Hilltoppers!