Over the past year, I've started to be more crafty around the house. With the new found time I have from remote classes, finding cute an easy ways to decorate my kitchen has been at the top of my list. Alas, I've started to organize my kitchen with decorative labels and spruce up my wine glasses with relatable quotes. You might be wondering how I did that, and it's all with a Cricut

You've seen this crafting device all over Instagram and TikTok, but now is the time to get yourself one and get to work. If you're reading this, you're likely a fellow foodie and want to take your kitchen to the next level. From coffee mugs to spice jars, a Cricut can help you get the kitchen of your dreams with the press of a few buttons and some creativity!

Here are 14 ways you can use a Cricut whether its in your kitchen at home, apartment or dorm room.   

1. Coffee Mugs

There's nothing better than starting off the morning with a cup of coffee. If you're like me, then you probably have a favorite mug that makes those early mornings just a bit better. Now if you don't, then you can create your own with Cricut's Mug Press. From names and quotes to pictures, bring a coffee mug to life in minutes. 

2.  Spice Jars

Seasonings and spices are easy ways to transform any dish. Add a dash of rosemary or paprika to chicken or fish to enhance the flavor. Plus, forget the hassle of grabbing the right spices out of the cabinet with spice labels. Yes, you do need them. 

3. Drink Coasters

Prevent water rings with a nice coaster. No, I'm not talking about a plain coaster, but make it cute with a Cricut Joy. Choose a fun font, color and get creative! You can even make special coasters for different holidays are occasions. 

4. Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards have gained popularity over the past year. It seems like everywhere you look there is some kind of charcuterie board. While they look intimidating, use your Cricut to label the different spots to make them easier to create. Whether its for meats and cheeses or chocolate, you can't go wrong. 

5. Wine Glasses

Yes, you can make those decorative wine glasses you see on Etsy at home. Add a fun quote, name or image to a wine glass or tumbler to make those relaxing evenings even better. They call for a memorable birthday or anniversary gift for a friend or loved one. 

6. Salt And Pepper Shakers

Put your guests to the test with these salt and pepper shaker labels. Use your Cricut to help ease the confusion and add a minimalistic touch to two common kitchen staples. 

7. Pantry Jars

If you've always wanted one of those perfect pantries, now is your chance. Forget stuffing your pantry to the brim with cereal and pasta boxes, but instead get plastic or glass jars and label them instead. 

8. Utensil Decorations

Add some fun to mealtime with fun and decorative utensils. Since you can't play with food, might as well do so with spoons and forks, right?! Use Cricut's Holographic Vinyl to create shimmery and shiny designs. 

9. Baking Stencils

Trick your next dinner guests into thinking you're a pro baker with a baking stencil. Not only is it Instagram worthy enough to post, but you can create exquisite designs such as names, numbers, images, etc. to decorate those cupcakes, cookies, cakes and macarons. 

10. Mixer Decals 

If you don't lick the spoon, we can't be friends. I'm kidding, but this sticker made using a Cricut is the perfect touch to a mixer or KitchenAid. You can even add a reminder to preheat the oven on top so you don't forget!