Spices can transform any meal in seconds with just a sprinkle. Let's take plain grilled chicken. Yes, the chicken might be juicy and tender, but what is it really without seasoning? Bland. I don't know about you, but I like my food to have flavor. Why eat it bland when you don't have to? Spiceology knows how transformative spices can be and the brand has launched its latest salt-free line of seasonings to take your meals to the next level. 

Spiceology's 13 Salt-Free Seasonings


Whether you like to add seasoning to popcorn (which is my personal favorite) or to a chicken dish, Spiceology has a variety of salt-free seasonings for everyone. 

Find the list of flavors below: 

Really Ranch – The classic ranch taste everyone knows and loves

Everything Bagel - Combination of sesame and poppy seeds, garlic, and onion

Purple Haze – Beet, carrot, ancho chili, garlic, onion and orange peel goodness

Steak and Bake – Combines roasted garlic, red bell pepper, onion, jalapeño pepper and more

Tandoori Glory – Curry in a hurry

Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme - Blend of garlic, lemon peel, pink peppercorns and turmeric

Pizza Pie – Combination of oregano, fennel, garlic, basil and other Italian herbs and spices

Mango Tango – Sweet, sour and spicy complex flavor of Mango Tango as Chamoy

Guac and Roll – Red and green bell peppers combined with cilantro, onion, tomato and citrus

El Taco – Combination of garlic, onion, paprika, chiles, bell pepper and more

Greek Freak – Combination of herbs, onion, sun-dried tomato, chili pepper and orange peel

Chile Margarita – This citrusy, sweet and spicy blend is a combination of chili pepper, orange peel and lime.

Black Magic - A cajun blackening no sodium seasoning

Where To Find Spiceology


Looking to try some Spiceology's salt-free seasonings for yourself? Check out the brands website to purchase and view other seasonings, spices, herbs and powders to take mealtime to the next level.