After the year we've just had, there's no better time to spice up your life than right now. Spiceology has partnered with sriracha brand, Huy Fong, to create six new innovative sriracha spice blends. Whether you're looking to host a socially-distant holiday party or just want to switch up your daily cooking routine, Spiceology's Sriracha Blends can help. 

Spiceology's Sriracha Blends Collection

Image courtesy of Spiceology

Interested in learning more about Spiceology's Sriracha Blend Collection? Keep on reading!

The collection contains six new spice blends ideal for adding some heat to mealtime. The spice blends include: 

- Black Truffle Sriracha

- Candied Bacon Sriracha

- Honey Garlic Sriracha

- Miso Teriyaki Sriracha 

- Smoked Maple Sriracha

- Thai Lime Sriracha

These blends are great for adding to popcorn, pancakes, salmon, bacon and anything else you think needs a flavorful kick!

Where To Find Spiceology's Spice Blend Collection

Image courtesy of Spiceology

Spiceology's 6-pack sriracha collection is available for $38 on the brands website.