Like every booked-and-busy college student, my favorite past-time is snacking. Potato chips and granola bars, however, have become boring to me after one too many sleepless nights. Not to mention, they aren’t exactly the healthiest options. My search for a new cure to my cravings is where Dang Foods comes in. The company’s Thai-American take on snacks offers a variety of Asian-American flavors on simple products: coconut and rice chips.

Coconut Chips

Cynthia Liu

When I first unsealed the bright yellow bag of Caramel Sea Salt Coconut Chips, the nutty aroma hit me instantly. Upon my first nibble of the toasted morsels, I was hooked. Sweet yet toasty, delicate yet crunchy—I admit that one bite just wasn’t enough. A couple of pieces easily turned into a couple of handfuls, but I have no regrets whatsoever.

Cynthia Liu

While the coconut chips themselves are great stand-alone snacks, they can also elevate a myriad of other dishes. These crispy bites can change up the texture of any salad, yogurt, or smoothie bowl. As a lighter topping and a healthier granola alternative, Dang’s coconut chips are as versatile as they are addicting.

Thai Rice Chips

Cynthia Liu

I was, without a doubt, the most excited to try these. The vibrant, dynamic packaging gave each flavor its own personality. Although I’m a sucker for brand design, these snacks were all fulfilling in their own distinct ways. (Being plant-based and gluten-free are extra bonuses, too.)

The Original Recipe had it all: an airy crispness from the puffed rice and a mellow flavor throughout the chip. Toasted Sesame, which was speckled with black sesame seeds, had a more nutty, earthy taste to it. On the other hand, Coconut Crunch offered a sweeter take on the original while still delivering that same toasty texture.

Cynthia Liu

{My personal favorite, though, has got to be Sriracha Spice. I am by no means a spicy food enthusiast, but the flavor on these crisps kept me coming back. They had a zesty kick with a mild simmer. Savory yet still light, I think this flavor has the potential to be the hot chip substitute for my fellow low-spice tolerance snackers.

Dang Bars

Cynthia Liu

In addition to Dang’s insanely addicting line of coconut and rice chips, the brand also makes keto-friendly protein bars: Lemon Matcha, Crazy Rich Chocolate, and Almond Cookie are only a couple of the unique flavors in the lineup. As a citrus fanatic, I gravitated towards Lemon Matcha. The sweet-bitter juxtaposition plus the soft, melt-in-your-mouth bite made this one a winner in my book.

The Story Behind the Snacks

Aside from being both colorful and flavorful, one of my favorite things about these goodies is the nostalgia they evoke. Each bite reminded me of munching on rice crackers during recess in elementary school. In the same way, brothers Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn founded this company after finding inspiration in one of their mother's Thai recipes.

Dang Foods has since reimagined these familiar tastes. Using ethically sourced ingredients from Thailand, the company strives to uplift the diverse Asian communities it serves. This sentiment really resonates with me, and I think it makes Dang's product assortment that much more satisfying to dig into.

Cynthia Liu

Long gone are the days when I would reach for a bag of predictable old potato chips. Nowadays, I find myself munching on Dang Food’s flavor-packed snacks. The nostalgic Asian-inspired ingredients both taste better and are better health-wise. On top of that, nothing beats the crisp crunch of toasted rice. I highly recommend trying these out if you find yourself in the same snacktime rut I was in, or if you're feeling adventurous and want to try something new. From coconut chips to rice crisps, there's bound to be something for everyone.