Don’t worry, you’re not alone when you lie to yourself about granola. You refuse to acknowledge or accept the fact that granola is more often than not pretty unhealthy for you. You do this because reaching your hand into a box of granola clusters is one of the best feelings, and let’s be honest, the yogurt is usually just a vehicle for the crunchy granola on top. If you face the facts, however, granola is packed with so much sugar that it hardly meets our standards of healthy. Deceiving, right? Granola is made from oats, nuts and grains, and we usually associate these ingredients with outdoorsy types who have killer calves from hiking all day. I will spare you the details, but in reality, the number of calories and grams of sugar in one cup of granola can be shocking.

Luckily, there are some alternatives to granola that will pack flavor, taste and health into your yogurt breakfast. Try out these options below:

1. Coconut Flakes

Photo by Susanna Tuan

Whether you’re a coconut aficionado, or you simply dabble with it on occasion, Trader Joe’s Roasted Coconut Chips are the perfect topping to your yogurt. These chips add crunch and sweetness to every spoonful.

2. Chia and Hemp Seeds

Photo by Susanna Tuan

In case you haven’t heard, chia seeds are the health world’s biggest craze. Known as “runner’s food,” these little guys are packed with nutrients and will give you tons of energy. New to chia seeds? Try out Nature’s Path’s Qi’a Superfood.

3. Dried Fruit and Nuts

Photo by Susanna Tuan

Dried fruit and nuts are the dynamic duo that will add fruity sweetness to your morning breakfast. The dried fruit is chewy and the nuts are crunchy, so this combo is bound to please. Also, you can go in a variety of ways with this inspiration by choosing your favorite dried fruits and nuts and mixing them together.

4. Fresh Berries

Photo by Susanna Tuan

If you prefer the fruity yogurt, you’ll like this topping. Fresh berries add some more substance to your bite of yogurt while simultaneously remaining healthy and natural.

5. Pomegranate Seeds

Photo by Susanna Tuan

Pomegranate seeds are crisp, juicy and full of sweetness. This yogurt topping will add some crunch and fruity flavor to your bite of yogurt. Even if you’re a pomegranate skeptic, the consistency of these seeds is key in this yogurt combo.

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