Are you a fan of all things spicy? Are you constantly trying the latest spicy snack? Well, look no further, because our team did the research for you. Here are the best spicy snacks you can buy right now.

Lay’s Hot Sauce Potato Chips

Lay's, $2 shop now

Lay’s teamed up with Frank’s Red Hot to bring back their spicy Hot Sauce flavored chips. Each chip is perfectly seasoned with the same spices you know and love from every bottle of Frank’s. This bag is perfect for sharing, even with people who aren’t a fan of hot things. The flavor is not too overwhelming or spicy. So sit down and grab a bag of Lay’s Hot Sauce chips.

Gold Emblem Extreme Hot Fire Balls


Fireballs,, $1, shop now

Gold Emblem has done the unthinkable, make a fiery hot cheese ball. Before, spicy snacks were only left to chips and puffs. But now it’s the cheese ball’s turn to kick things up a notch. With a bold crunch, big heat, and some serious flavor, you’ll be addicted after the first bite. Just make sure you have a drink close by, these things are seriously spicy.

Pringles Scorchin’ Collection


Pringles have launched a series of three seriously spicy flavors. Flavors so spicy, they had to be named scorchin’. Introducing Pringles Scorchin’ Cheddar, Scorchin’ BBQ, and Scorchin’ Chili & Lime. Lovers of spice can now enjoy the Pringles that are kicked up a notch with a spicy heat that builds over time. These three new flavors are so bold and spicy, you won’t be able to put them down. You can find the new Pringles Scorchin’ Series in stores this December.

Huel Hot & Savory

Huel, $4 per meal, shop now

Look, you’re a grown-up, and it’s time to start treating your body like one too. With Huel Hot & Savory, you are getting 24g of plant-based protein along with 27 vitamins and minerals. It’s time to ditch the ramen, for something more nutritious and far better tasting. 

Baked Ruffles Flamin’ Hot

Brand, $3, shop now

One word. Ridges. That’s all you need to know here. The ridges you know and love from Ruffles, now baked and doused with Flamin’ Hot dust. This is the perfect combination for any spicy snack lover. And don’t let the whole baked chip thing throw you off, these chips still pack a nice crunch.

Whisps Hot & Spicy

Whisps, $4, shop now

Cheese lovers, this one’s for you. Whisps, the cheese snack you know and love, is back with a bold new flavor. Hot & Spicy Whisps are the keto-friendly alternative to traditional spicy snack foods. Made with 100% real cheddar, these crisps will set your mouth ablaze and leave no evidence on your fingers like traditional chips.

Totino’s Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites

Takis, $4, shop now

It’s like a pizza roll, a mozzarella stick, and Takis had a love child. These mini snack bites are crispy, cheesy, and perfectly dusted with Takis spicy seasoning. Making these snacks an excellent choice for almost anything. No matter if you are having a mid-day study sesh, or staying up until all hours in the morning watching movies. These snack bites from Totino’s and Takis are a must-have.

Rolled Gold Recipe No. 4 Zesty Buffalo Pretzels

Rold Gold, $5, shop now

Spice up any party with these fuego braided pretzels from Rolled Gold. Recipe No. 4 is the perfect balance of spice, flavor, and zest. These pretzels embody that ideal buffalo sauce to ranch ratio that you would get from a plate of hot wings. These pretzels are great for everyone, even those who aren’t too keen on spicy foods.