How many times have you ended up going to the same 2 or 3 places for your every dinner date because you only trust the food there? Most of the times it becomes a really tough job to decide what to eat. I, for one, am absolutely bored of eating just pasta or pizza or honey chilli potatoes every time I got out with someone.

So, to spice things up a bit, and keep the magic alive, I thought of some really creative ideas for a dinner date. It's time you spent time together to make something special and yummy than go out and just order! Also, these ideas are great life savers when you feel too broke to go out and spend money on fancy food.

1. Fruit Toss

salad, blueberry, fruit salad, sweet, strawberry, berry
Clarisse Callahan
sorbet, yogurt, sweet, dairy, ice, dairy product, milk, cream
Kathleen Lee

A pretty simple dish, all you have to do is take some vanilla ice cream, toss in your favourite fruits, mix it thoroughly, and then freeze it. You could also add some rose syrup.

Take it out after 2 hours and have it with a cute romantic movie

2. Candle Lights, Anyone?

cheese, tomato, lasagna, sauce, meat, vegetable
Keni Lin
beer, rose
Deborah Orret

If you feel too lazy to go out for fancy dinner, here's what to do.

Get some lasagna sheets, which you can buy pretty easily from any bakery. Look up easy recipes on the internet, most of which include layering the sheets with lots of vegetables, cheese and sauce, and set for baking. Meanwhile, take some Apple Fizz and pour in two glasses.

A tall candle and a vase of roses are the only things left to complete the dinner table!

3. Bread Pudding

chicken, cheese, bacon
Katie Schneider

One of the easiest and yummiest things one can make at home happens to be bread pudding balls. Creative, cute and delicious, these are something you must try.

All you need is bread (soak it in water for 2 minutes), pomegranate, apple, and any other fruits you like. Chop up the fruits and wrap them up in the wet bread to make balls. Soak them in a bowl of vanilla custard. You could also top this with nuts and dry fruits.

4. Coffee Pudding

milk, ice, cake, cream, chocolate
Amelia Steinmetz

Coffee is absolute bliss, be it in any form. If you happen to be as much of a coffee lover as me, you will love this.

Take some non salted biscuits, I took Marigold. Make a strong solution of coffee and warm water and soak the biscuits in this mix. Layer these in a bowl. After each layer of biscuits put layers of thick sweet cream and nuts. Repeat till all the biscuits are over.

Refrigerate for an hour and then enjoy!

5. Pancake Sticks

banana, strawberry
Haley Towne

This last one happens to be my personal favourite. It not only looks amazing, but tastes good too.

Make mini pancakes, slice bananas and strawberries in circles, and place them alternatively on chop sticks. Put layers of Nutella between the pancakes and bananas.

Your dessert barbeque stick is ready!

6. Berry Treat

blueberry, goody, syrup, pie, cream, berry, chocolate, pastry, sweet, cake
Alex Frank

Another yummy thing to do with pancakes is make some average sized pancakes, layer them with Nutella, stack them one on top of another, and drizzle with blueberries and maple syrup.

7. Strawberry Chills

smoothie, ice, berry, cocktail, juice, strawberry
Andrea Leelike

Whatever you decide to cook, this is one drink that will definitely spice up the evening. Take some diced strawberries, and throw them in the blender with lots of ice cubes, mint leaves and some fresh lemon juice. 

Pour into tall glasses and enjoy!   

So now that you have ideas you can't wait to try, when's the next date? :)