One of the best things about going to Costco is the little treat I get to give myself after getting all the shopping done. My cart is packed to the brim with that giant jar of pickles and frozen burger patties, but I'm still starving because, despite my best efforts, the micro-samples of bottled smoothies and microwave snacks did not hold me over. I need to eat.

So I make my way over to the Costco food court and order myself a meal. For me in the U.S., that's usually a hot dog, pizza, pretzel, and/or a chicken bake. It's all really good stuff. In fact, I'm a firm believer that big box stores have some of the best fast foods around. 

But all it took was one scroll on TikTok to find out that Costco in Canada has something that would make all that cart pushing so worth it — poutine. Yes, if you head across the border to the big box store you will be able to order crispy fries with gravy, cheese curds, and peppercorns. How satisfying would that be after shopping?

For only $6 Canadian, you get a whole takeout container of poutine, easily enough for a whole meal. So now I ask you, Costco, why is this not an option at American Costcos? I mean, I know poutine is a Canadian staple, but fries smothered in cheese and a rich sauce couldn't sound more American. Can you pretty please bring it to the American food courts at Costco?