Time is running out. You procrastinated way too long on this one. However, there is still hope to get that present for the foodie in your life. Let's hope Amazon Prime comes in clutch. Or to give you the benefit of the doubt, good for you for starting your Christmas shopping early for next year.

Here are some general gift giving tips to start you off: Space saving and convenience are the most important things. In a college kitchen space is limited and balancing school work with cooking can be a bit of a hassle so anything that can make our lives a bit easier is a great gift. These are some cool kitchen gifts  any cook would love.

1. Poppy Lid 

Lids take up way too much space. And at a certain point,  it starts to become hard to find the right lid for each bowl and pot you have. This silicone lid creates an airtight seal with any smooth rimmed bowl. So you don't need to go searching for that one specific lid that fits. 

2. Oven Rack Guards

We can all be klutzy sometimes. These oven guards fit over the edge of your oven rack. Now no more accidental burns from trying to pull those pizza rolls out of the oven at 2 am. 

3. Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cone Set

Speaking of pizza, have you ever wanted the convenience of eating an ice cream cone with the savory deliciousness of a pizza? This pizza cone set is the gadget for you. It's pizza in the shape of a cone... need I say more?

4. Silpat Baking Mat

Silpats are the gold standard for bakers and should be on every cook's wishlist. It creates a convenient nonstick surface on any pan and it's reusable. 

5. Greenco Reusable K-cups Coffee Filter

K-Cups are actually really bad for the environment. They create an insane amount of plastic waste each year. And the price of a K-Cup, in the long run, takes a real toll on your wallet.

These reusable K-Cups are dishwasher safe and will end up saving you a lot of money while still feeding your coffee addiction. You can also use your favorite coffee grounds each time, which don't necessarily always come in K-Cups!

6. Back To The Roots Garden in a Can

Everyone needs fresh herbs. The quick science lesson behind it is that some herbs don't give off the same flavor when they are dry because they are "sensitive" to the heat of drying. So this garden in a can is a foolproof way to get fresh herbs in your kitchen. 

7. Bamboo Steamer Set

This is something that has been on my personal wish-list for awhile now. Anything from dim sum to steamed buns, a lot of cool things can be done with a steamer. Bonus, it's healthier than most other cooking methods. 

8. Scoop II Warming Ice Cream Scoop

Everyone has a favorite ice cream scoop. No? Just me? Well if you don't have a favorite ice cream scoop this might be the one for you. It takes heat from the handle through the principals of heat transfer to make ice cream easier to scoop without melting it. So next semester you can resolve to eat more ice cream. 

9. The Dipr Cookie Spoon

Sure, you could try the fork method but you gotta admit this is pretty cool. The fact that there is a tool specifically for dunking Oreos into milk is why America is such a great country. So not buy a pack and share with your favorite freedom loving cookie dunkers?

10. Joule Sous Vide

The science behind sous vide is really cool. In essence, it is just a really efficient heat transfer through water. It is the best way to consistently cook things to perfection without too much worry. This particular sous vide tool is accompanied by a robust app to walk you through whatever you're cooking. It is fairly expensive but I suggest just leaving it at the top of your wishlist for a while and seeing if anybody bites.