As if pizza wasn’t already good enough, this out-of-the-box version is even more irresistible. According to Forbes, Kono (cone shaped) Pizza is one of the top 10 emerging food trends that entrepreneurs around the country are looking to invest in.

For those of you who are hearing of this phenomenon for the first time, let’s get you caught up. Cone shaped pizza is exactly what it sounds like: a crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside cone made out of pizza dough with all of your favorite toppings sizzling inside. It is a savory, mouth-watering creation that you must try. Que applause.

Because It’s Better for You than Regular Pizza

pizza cone

Photo by Emma Del Vecchio

The increasing popularity of this new take on pizza could quite possibly be due to the captivating trend of finding ‘healthy alternatives’ to almost every food ever made. The pizza cone has half the calories than your typical slice, for real.

Don’t believe me? Take the Kono ‘Vegetarino’ cone for example. Each cone contains about 250 calories while a normal slice of veggie pizza is about 450 kcals.

Kono Pizza was founded by an Italian chef named Rossano Boscolo, he’s actually from Italy, so this must be legit, right? First brought to the U.S. by co-founder, David Ragosa in Edison, New Jersey just last year. There are now 130 locations worldwide that offer a taste straight from good ol’ Italia.

Because It’s Great for Drunchies

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For all of you whose go-to drunk food is pizza, this one is for you. Kono Pizza is an easier, mess-free way to enjoy drunk eating. Eat it on the way to the party, during, or on the walk back, the possibilities really are endless. Since each pizza cone has half the calories as before you can even double up for double the satisfaction.


And Because Change is Good

pizza cone

Photo by Emma Del Vecchio

It’s scientifically proven (sort of) that pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. Bored of eating a classic slice with the same old toppings? Well, Kono offers breakfast, deli, and sweet cones in addition to the classics. Make one of your meals as enticing as eating a refreshingly cold ice cream cone on a scorching summer’s day. Grazie Italy.

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