Falling in love is such a great feeling. You get the idea that you and your significant other are going to be together forever. You've already planned out the wedding to the T and met his parents in an alternative reality. Then, a couple months go by and forever is starting to look like never. He sends you the "We're better off as friends" text, and now you're crushed and you believe your love life is ruined. Pouting isn't going to help any, so here's a list of seven comfort foods to run to during your next breakup.  

1. Ice Cream

milk, cream, sweet, ice, dairy product, chocolate
Aunye' Thomas

This sweet treat has been a mechanism for comfort since toddler days. When you get a cut for the first time or fall of your bike, your mom would plant a sweet kiss on your boo-boo and give you the ice cream of your choice. Although those sweet kisses from mom can't heal your broken heart, ice cream is definitely going to help.

From the classic flavor of vanilla to cookies and cream, there are so many choices to pick from. My advice would be to pick your favorite flavor and just dig in. Ice cream taste even better when it's straight out of the carton. Besides, dealing with a heartbreak will make you feel less bad about your ice cream binge eating. 

2. Donuts

cake, sprinkles, candy, chocolate, pastry, sweet, doughnut
Sara Tane

This comfort food is also on the sweet side, and I love to pair it with a nice glass of milk. This fluffy glazed treat is found at your local donut shop and, of course, the famous ones like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts. Although glazed is the most common choice, there are flavors and toppings that can be featured on your donut.

Some toppings include cereals, chocolate drizzles, your favorite candy, and bacon.  So when you go through your next breakup, be sure to pick up a dozen and possibly a gallon of milk. However, if you go to Krispy Kreme, be sure to catch it when the red hot light is on.

3. Pizza

salami, crust, dough, meat, mozzarella, tomato, pepperoni, cheese, sauce, pizza
Christine Chang

This comfort food is more on the savory side and it caters to all our needs. This won't be the first time you've used pizza as one of your comfort mechanisms and it sure won't be the last. Boyfriends may come and go but pizza is here to stay. There are so many choices of toppings to choose from so you can find one for whatever mood you're in. 

Call up your favorite pizza joint and place your order instead of sending screenshots to your friends of your breakup conversation. Thinking about the jerk that dumped you won't help you any, but pizza will definitely fill those empty holes in your heart and your stomach.

4. French Fries

Becky Hughes

Although, fries aren't really from France, they sure are filled with love. French fries are on every menu no matter where you go, whether it be LongHorn Steakhouse or McDonald's. The classic salty fry is my favorite, but loaded fries are also life. Arby's has the best loaded fries on this side of glory. Stop by Arby's or your favorite fast food restaurant and order as many fries as you can and be sure to get the ketchup. 

The best way to get over this breakup is do a little challenge. For every fry you eat, delete a picture out of your phone. By the time you've eaten three large fries, all the fake in your phone will be gone. It's a win-win in my book.

5. Chocolate

chocolate, milk, candy, sweet, milk chocolate, chocolate bar
Katie Schneider
Chocolate is an obvious choice for any type of comfort food. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate, but when I'm feeling sad it's the first thing I pick up. The amazing thing about chocolate is its three different distinct flavors, milk, dark, and white chocolate. Regardless of how bad your breakup may have been, I'm sure one of these can fulfill your needs. Grab a Hershey's bar, turn on your favorite chick-flick and get to feeling better.

6. Popcorn

muesli, porridge, milk, sweet, wheat, popcorn, corn, cereal
Meredith Marcus
Popcorn is definitely a movie theater favorite. The buttery salty taste will win over your heart. Good thing your heart is vacant of negativity, because you can now enjoy this treat so much more. To me, the best way to enjoy popcorn in its entirety is to watch a movie with it. Popcorn isn't popcorn without a good movie and a warm blanket. You won't even have time to think how "great" your ex was because you'll be too into your snack and movie.

7. Candy

candy, sweet, sweetmeat, jelly beans, chocolate, goody, gelatin
Christin Urso

There is such a huge variety of candy. You have sour candy, sweet candy, savory candy, etc. My best advice is to pick whatever you're feeling at the moment. If you're feeling sour, then go sweet. If you're feeling sweet, then go sour. Basically, pick the opposite of your emotions so you can become balanced. After a fresh breakup, every part of you is on an edge and needs to be balanced. Candy is going to be your key to stability, regardless of what your dentist may have said about candy in your past. Forget all that and just devour as much as you can.

Hopefully this guide to dealing with your breakup has helped you. There are certain parts of your life where food is the only thing that can help you. One of these seven comfort foods are sure to give you some inspiration to cope. Some may be familiar to you, while others might be completely new to you. Take my advice and try all seven next time you go through a breakup or are just feeling lonely. Even though the breakup may catch you by surprise, these foods will always stay consistent.