Pizza is a staple in every college student’s diet. Fortunately for us, Baltimore is home to some pretty underrated pizza joints. Here’s your guide to getting just the right slice based on your preference in ‘za:

Traditional Slice: Maria D’s

Feeling a little homesick and missing that NYC slice? Come on down to Maria D’s for a traditional slice of cheese pizza that’ll satisfy any pizza craving.

Make Your Own: Pizza Studio

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Pizza studio is the champion of customizable personal pizzas. With your choice of crust, sauce and toppings galore, this is the place to go for the satisfaction of homemade pizza without the hassle. NOTE: if thin crust pizza is your thing, this place is a must.

Wood-Fired Pizza: Egyptian Pizza

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This wood-fired pizza with a Middle Eastern flare is the perfect way to change it up without cheating on your pizza addiction. With a menu of more than 30 pizzas named after places all around the world, you’re guaranteed to find a pizza to fit your appetite.

Gotta Get Your Italian fix: Pasta Mista

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For those times when you can’t decide between pizza and pasta.

Late Night Slice: Pizza Mart

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Need something to absorb those fluids in your stomach before falling asleep with your shoes on? Then pizza mart is the place for you! With a slice of ‘za the size of your face and some mozz sticks on the side, you’ll be feeling great for tomorrow’s 8am… Beware of their arbitrary pricing (the later you go, the higher they’ll try to jack the prices on you).

Artisan Pizza: Birroteca

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If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, Birroteca is a must-try. Their unique combinations of flavors make it hard to believe you’re still eating pizza… But you are… And it’s truly a work of art. (We recommend #8 on 24 Things to Eat in Baltimore.)