To all of my fellow Columbus dwelling food lovers, this one is for you! Have you ever been planning a night on the town with your significant other or group of friends and you just can't decide where to eat? Or you want to try a new place but you're just not feeling risky enough? Well there is a solution: Columbus food blogs! 

I have narrowed down 10 of my favorite Columbus Food Blogs that have definitely helped me in some of the situations listed above. I hope they help you like they've helped me!

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Sara Kotcher


Eating In The 614, aka Hollen Campbell, is one heck of a food blogger and cocktail lover. She has been blogging and Instagramming about Columbus eats since 2016, and I personally hope she doesn't stop any time soon. She blesses the feeds of her 11.5k followers with burgers, deserts, pizza, cocktails, and so much more. Give her a follow and use the hashtag #eatinginthe614!


The image I embedded from ColumbusFoodDude's profile is the same image that caught my eye and lead me to hit "follow!" I mean come on, just look at it! ColumbusFoodDude is only just beginning in the art of Columbus food blogging and currently has 99 followers. Let's help him gain a following so he'll keep posting drool-worthy pics like this!


I followed areyoukitchenme (aka Natalie Brehm) a few months ago when I started working full time in Columbus because I wanted to get to know the community a little better. Obviously following a Columbus food blog is the best way to do that! She'll post a lot of her own home cooked meals, and also her favorite spots to eat around town like Comune Restaurant, Antiques on High and Harvest Pizza!


cbusfoodpics lays it all on the table for us in her bio when she says, "Typically ballin on a budget, occasionally getting fancy, but always finding the best eats & drinks!" Like dang girl, I can relate! That's the best thing about this account. She posts super relatable content that any young Columbus resident could drool over. 


crave_columbus, or 614 eats & drinks (insert hamburger emoji here), is another great source for those who are new to the Columbus area. They post about all of the best (and most photogenic) eats including crowd favorites like Forno, Graeter's Ice Cream, and Jeni's. If you're thinking about trying a new restaurant, or revisiting an old favorite, crave_columbus has most likely posted about it!


I love 614_eats (or Gus W.) because you can tell he is an absolute food fanatic, just like us! His captions are often so descriptive to the point where you can almost taste it. And just look at this photo, absolute DROOL-WORTHY content. 


Technically Eat Local Ohio covers food from all over the state, but their content is SO worth the follow! Their whole mission is "supporting and showcasing locally owned eateries around Ohio" and I'm all about supporting local businesses. I also love that they utilize their story highlights to categorize each city, so you can easily view the Columbus highlights!


columbus_foodie is run by two Columbus RNs, Katy and Reanna, who spend their free time photographing Columbus' food scene (like, THANK YOU.) With an impressive 34.3k followers, it's no surprise that they have a lot of influence on food lovers in the area! I like that in addition to food blogging, they include little bits about themselves, which makes them seem incredibly relatable. 


Lauren Blake is @wholelivinglauren and she is a total inspo! She is a Columbus mom and registered dietician who posts about plant-based eats. She's definitely a go-to for recipe ideas, health inspiration, or pictures of her cute little baby! This is more of a lifestyle blog, but absolutely has MANY drool-worthy food pics. 


Of course, this article about Columbus food blogs wouldn't be complete if I didn't include Ohio State Spoon University! Their students are creating some incredibly talented work, and articles like The Top 5 Eats on Med Campus at Ohio State

10 Best Places to Get French Toast at Ohio State and 

A Definitive Ranking of Ohio State Pizza. To all Ohio State students, definitely give them a follow! You'll thank me (and them) later. 

After you spend hours scrolling the feeds of these Columbus food bloggers (and I know you will), be sure to check out the local restaurants that they post about! They Columbus food scene is absolutely BOOMING and as you can tell, there are fresh eats around every corner.