Many undergrads at Ohio State are well-acquainted with the food options available along High Street and Lane Avenue and those that are relatively close to the major academic buldings on campus. But as any undergrad who works in a lab on Med Campus can tell you, the food game can be ON POINT.

I did a (very unscientific, non-representative) survey of the students, researchers, and faculty in the medical center; here's what they named as some of their favorite places to grab food on Med Campus

5. Wendy's

french fries, bread, sweet, ketchup
Alex Frank

Yeah, I know it's a fast-food chain. But when you feel like pigging out for a day, why not do it right down the street? The seating area is great to use when you want to meet up with friends who work in the same area as you. Besides, who doesn't like 50-cent Jr. Frosties

4. Brenen's Cafe

Bhageerathi Ganesan

This popular cafe in the Biomedical Research Tower is a hit with many of the faculty in the adjacent buildings and the research interns. With a consistently good selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and rotating soups, Brenen's is a great place to grab a quick, light bite in between seminars and journal clubs (or, well, whenever). My personal recommendations are the portobello melt (pictured above) and the Southwestern flatbread (pictured below); these are two great vegetarian options that are tasty, filling, and worth the money you pay.

Bhageerathi Ganesan

3. Hospital Cafeteria (Bistr-OH!)

James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

dankeck on Flickr

Despite what we think of as hospital food - half-thawed popsicles and lukewarm coleslaw - the hospital cafeteria has quite a large selection of tasty offerings. For the health-conscious customers, calorie counts and nutritional information are all available at every station. If you can, go for the veggie burger; it is everything that a veggie burger should be. Their burrito bowl bar is also a reasonably healthy and tasty option.

2. Cheryl's Cookies

cookie, chocolate, sweet, pastry, candy, cake
Katie Lee

Got a sweet tooth? This place is no ordinary cookie store. Founded in 1981 by Cheryl Krueger and her roommate, Caryl Walker, the business rapidly expanded in 7 years, leading to a local conglomerate that dominates the gourmet cookie and baked goods scene here. If you are a quintessential Midwesterner like me who enjoys a rich, chewy cookie that melts in your mouth, this is the place for you to go. Pro tip: get the ice cream sandwich with your choice of cookies. I promise you won't regret it.

And last but not least:

1. Food Trucks

This is easily one of the best parts about working on Med Campus. You may be familiar with OSU Dining's food truck Thyme and Change, but the food trucks by Newton Hall and Aronoff Labs are, quite, literally, some of the best food you can get on campus if you are willing to splurge a little. I highly recommend En Place's grilled cheese; made with sprouted grain bread, cheddar, muenster, tomato, basil, and red onion. It is truly grilled cheese for the student who thinks they're adulting (i.e. me) but is really an overgrown kid at heart. Menus can be found here.

If you're working in the Med Center or on South Campus and you're tired of going to High Street to get good food, pop on over and try something from this list! If you've been looking for good eats, look no further!