There's no bad time for brunch, whether you're nursing a post game-day hangover or it's just a spring weekend in Columbus. And no brunch is complete without an amazing plate of French toast. Columbus has an amazing food scene that makes the weekends at Ohio State even more incredible. Check out these hot brunch spots for some of the best french toast you'll ever eat. 

1. Katalina's

Of course, everybody knows the famous Katalina's pancake balls, but their French toast is totally underrated. The Mexican twist on this dish makes it even tastier and their sweet 'n' spicy bacon is a great addition. Katalina's is the perfect brunch spot on the weekends at Ohio State. It's worth the trip.

2. Forno 

Forno may be well known for their happy hour, burrata, and amazing pizzas, but they also have a great brunch menu. Forno's brunch features two types of French toast: a classic version with berries and a Nutella-stuffed version with bananas and hazelnuts. 

3. Hangover Easy 

If you're on South Campus, you know Hangover Easy is the place to be on a Sunday afternoon. The line may be long, but the French toast is extremely worth it. Their menu offers Menage a Trois, a more simple French toast plate, and Whole Lotta Goodness, which is French toast with sausage, egg, cheese, and a side of classic hoe fries. 

4. Drunch Eatery 

Drunch is one of the relatively newer spots in Columbus, but it is certainly not overlooked. Drunch has a banana bread French toast and a Challah French toast on their regular menu. On the seasonal menu, Drunch currently has a lemon cake French toast. Past seasonal items include raspberry chocolate cake French toast and pumpkin praline French toast. 

5. Tasi Cafe

Tasi, another popular brunch spot, also offers multiple French toast options. If you want to keep things simple, the banana French toast is perfect. But, if you want a little adventure, try the stuffed French toast with berries, Nutella, yogurt, granola, and honey. Either way, you'll be satisfied. 

6. Standard Hall

Step aside, boozy popsicles. Standard's brunch menu features cinnamon French toast crunch sticks. They roll their French toast in Cinnamon Toast Crunch and serve it with strawberries. Are you drooling yet? And while you're there, check out Standard Hall's #bestbloodybar. 

7. The Angry Baker

The Angry Baker in Olde Towne East is a little far from campus but you won't be sorry to take the trip. This cute spot has an amazing French toast sandwich with egg and Swiss. You can also check out their location in Short North where they serve both sweet and savory pastries and great bread. 

8. Superchef's

Superchef's may be well known for their insane waffles, but they also have some pretty great French toast. They offer classic French toast, granola encrusted, and banana pudding granola encrusted french toast. The last of the three is incredibly delicious. 

9. Harvey and Ed's

Three words: babka french toast. Three more words: Harvey and Ed's. This amazing brunch dish is so rich in flavor thanks to the chocolate babka and candied turkey bacon. The french toast is thick, but you'll be wanting more. 

10. Bodega

If you're in the mood for a boozy brunch, you have to stop by Bodega. Their Malibu's Most Flaunted French toast is the perfect start to your weekend. This dish features rum infused brioche, candied pineapple, whipped cream, almonds, bourbon anglaise, and smoked bacon. This dish pairs perfectly with their mimosas and sangria.