Typically, college dorm packing lists are comprised of bedding necessities, command strips, clothing, and toiletries. For some reason, many packing lists do not include a section for food. After finishing my first year of college, I'm here to share 10 food gadgets to add to your college dorm packing list to make your time at school more bearable. 

1. Chip Clips

For all you chip, popcorn, and pretzel lovers, make sure to add chip clips to the top of your college dorm packing list. Trust me, your snacks can easily get messy. There's nothing worse than getting bugs in your dorm room from open food. Chip clips are a must to make sure your snacks are sealed.

2. Apple Slicer

A dorm room essential for any food lover is an apple slicer. An apple slicer is the perfect gadget for when you snag apples from the dining hall to take back to your room. Having an apple slicer in your dorm makes taking a snack to class or the library just as easy as if your mom were to pack it for you.

3. Cookin Caddy

The cookin caddy, an over the refrigerator storage organizer, is a must for your college dorm packing list. In a college dorm room, it's essential to save space wherever you can. With the Cookin Caddy, you can store your plates and utensils on your refrigerator without taking up any more space.

4. Plastic Containers

Just when you thought you were ditching the plastic containers mom always has at home, think again. Plastic containers are a necessity for every college student. Personally, I like to buy containers with two or three sections. That way I can divide my containers accordingly. At school, I'll fill some containers with just berries. Others will have nuts and peanut butter. Having containers on hand is a huge help.

#SpoonTip: If you're in a rush, bring a container to the dining hall, create a meal, and take your food on-the-go.

5. Keurig

If you're a coffee addict and need it first thing in the morning, I'd recommend a Keurig on your college dorm packing list. Keurigs come in many different styles and sizes. In college, stick with a smaller one so it doesn't take up too much room. The great part about Keurigs? You can make various types of coffees and teas with reusable k-cups. This is definitely an investment—one you'll have all throughout college. 

6. Banana Slicer

Bananas are a great fruit for an on-the-go snack or an addition to meals. In college, time is precious—even when it comes to eating. This banana slicer makes your life even easier at the dining hall or in your dorm room. Add bananas to your cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt even faster than before with this cool gadget.

7. Reusable Water Bottle

Because your classic college mini fridge isn't all that big, you'll need to find ways to create space. One of my biggest tips: ditch plastic water bottles. Not only are you saving the environment with a reusable water bottle, but you're saving tons of space in the fridge. My favorite brand of reusable water bottles is S'well. The S'well keeps your water perfectly cold all day long and they come in tons of cute designs. 

8. Your Favorite Mug

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Caroline Ingalls

A mug is something that should appear on your college dorm packing list. In college, there are so many uses to your favorite coffee mug. Not only can you use it for coffee and tea, but you can also create delicious microwavable desserts. Who knew one mug could do so much?

9. Plastic Utensils

From personal experience, plastic utensils are way easier than metal utensils in college. If you're a first year student without a kitchen, plastic is the way to go. Trust me, having plastic utensils on hand is extremely useful. Whenever I used to run out, I'd run next door and ask my friends for more. Although they're not the most environmentally-friendly, they're simple and easy for your dorm room.

10. Bowls

In my first year of college, I've discovered that bowls are the easiest to have in your dorm. Here's the thing, a plate can limit your options—bowls expand them. I love to make powdered peanut butter, which requires a bowl. Kill two birds with one stone by only bringing bowls to college.

College packing lists can be extremely overwhelming. However, remember—this doesn't need to be stressful. These essential gadgets and kitchen tools are the best to have on any foodie's college dorm packing list