Americans have suddenly become obsessed with eating anything and everything out of bowls. It sounds silly, but we all went crazy for açaí bowls, breakfast bowls, and quinoa bowls, and now there is a new type to check out: buddha bowls.

These bowls are typically filled with hearty veggies, beans, rice/quinoa, and topped with nuts and dressing. The best thing about a buddha bowl is the ingredient possibilities are endless. So, out with açaí and in with this whole grain bowl of goodness.

If your New Year's Resolution involves getting healthy, this is the most delicious way to go about it. Here are some of the best recipes: 

Warm Winter Bowl

Stay cozy for these last few chilly months with this Buddha Bowl. Just pick up some brown rice, broccoli, sweet potato, red cabbage, and green lentils to make yourself a hearty lunch. Just like this one, most buddha bowls are delicious options for vegans. 

The Dorm Room Bowl 

cheese, salad
Lauren Arendt

For those of us stuck dealing with the struggles of campus food here is an easy recipe for a buddha bowl that can be made in your dorm. You can assemble your bowl any way you want, and enjoy this yummy dish for lunch or dinner. 

Kale, Pomegranate, Avocado Bowl

This buddha bowl is flavor-packed, and filled with endurance fuels and healthy grains. In all, this bowl takes roughly thirty minutes to prepare, but it is well worth the hard work. Add an extra egg for additional protein, and you have yourself a killer brunch dish.

Korean BBQ Stir Fry Bowl

If you are looking for a different flavor profile than the bowls above, look no further. This Korean barbecue-inspired bowl combines broccoli, zucchini, pineapple, red pepper, tofu, green onions, red cabbage and more to create a flavor explosion. Check this out for the full recipes, and this Spoon article for a similar bowl. 

Roasted Veggie Bowl

If you are a veggie lover like myself, this will probably end up being your favorite recipe. This dish is pretty customizable, so it's up to you what veggies you want to include. Start with a base of brown rice, and choose your favorites to spread out on top. This bowl is quick and easy—the perfect on-the-go lunch. 

Get ahead of one of 2017's upcoming trends, and start cooking up these delicious recipes. Your meals are about to get a whole lot tastier, and healthier!