Ever have a craving for banana bread but didn't have enough brown bananas to make any? Chrissy Teigen feels you. On Sunday, she tweeted out a plea in search of brown bananas in hopes of making her banana bread dreams come true.

Although it may sound like a joke, Teigen was serious. 

And after receiving multiple replies on how to brown yellow bananas, Teigen made it very clear that she was looking specifically for already brown bananas in the Los Angeles area.

Then, Teigen sweetened the deal. She promised to send out her assistant to pick up the bananas from followers who had them, and in exchange for their generosity, she would gift them a signed copy of her cookbook, John's underwear, and a Becca palette.  

"SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY," she added, asking followers for photos of themselves with the brown bananas and a peace sign. 

For safety, she asked her assistant (aka her mom) to ensure each banana-donator ate a small piece of the banana in front of her before her assistant accepted it.

Teigen was ultimately successful in tracking down all six of her desired spotted bananas.

And those who donated, did in fact, receive their special gifts.

While not the most conventional means to acquire browned bananas for banana bread, Teigaen's creativity can't be denied, and the entire ordeal took just over 30 minutes from start to finish.

Please note her dog is dressed as a bell hop here. Teigen says she has no reasoning behind this, however. 

But after all of that, Teigen started making her banana bread, and realized she needed one more banana. So one Twitter user came to the rescue claiming he had two, and off her mom went! You gotta give it to her—she's pretty resourceful. 

Luckily he did, and the bread was finally made.  

So next time you're having a craving for banana bread and need some ripe bananas, you could try crowd-sourcing via Twitter instead of going to the grocery store or using a grocery delivery service. 

If that doesn't work, you can always try to ripen your yellow bananas using one of these methods.