Al's Burger Shack- Your First Love

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Katie Krupnick

The excitement of hearing your name called at the window at Al's is easily the equivalent of pebbles at your window as a lovestruck teenager. The call beckons, and as you look out your true love is staring you in the face, waiting for the daunting devotion to be reciprocated. Whether this is done by sneaking out for a late night rendezvous or cleaning your plate, Chapel Hill's favorite burger and fries joint provides the same comforting excitement as the first boy who stole your heart. 

Top of the Hill- The Good Ol' Boy

In all of his endeavors, success was effortless, teachers adored his presence, manners were his forte and parental approval came without question. Much like Chapel Hill's own Top of the Hill, he was that reliable, well-bred old soul, who was elegant and authentic in every way. On the corner of tradition and class (or Columbia and Franklin), this Chapel Hill staple is a timeless symbol of tradition that resembles the unattainable being you had the privilege of calling yours. 

Spanky's- The Jock

You were never particularly interested in sports, until he came along. Sure, he had the amenities like a good location, a great TV (or several) and constant excitement surrounding him, but you couldn't deny that you were drawn to him as a person. Much like Chapel Hill's favorite sports bar, he was impassioned, determined and energetic. Regardless of how things ended, you couldn't help but appreciate his athletic fervor, or, in Spanky's case, devotion to great bar food.

Waffle House- The Last Resort

You can't deny that he's a good guy: he's sweet, consistent, down to earth and reliable. However, no matter how much you deny it, he's below your standards and a tad bit cheap. He only took you to places with a weeknight special or a coupon, and would rather stay in to have breakfast for dinner rather than go out on the town. You and this guy were on-and-off, but after some time you realized that you only bothered with him when it was late, you were drunk or nothing else was available and you moved on to better establishments. 

Fitzgerald's- The One That Got Away

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You always wondered if it was your fault. Did you not give him enough attention? Did you not appreciate him? Sure, you had your ups and downs, but he was reliable, lively and social. Now? He's just a distant memory that leaves you longing for him to come back while yelling, "Fitz, we miss you!" 

Might As Well- The New Guy

"Out with the old and in with the new", they say, but you're a little skeptical. However, everyone else seems to be lining up to see if he lives up to all the hype and you hate to admit that he does. All the while, you're mourning the loss of Fitz and keeping your options open- but a harmless rebound never hurt anyone right?

TRU Deli- The Smart Guy

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Emily Williams

You came into it a little intimidated, but he was so methodical, careful and dependable that you couldn't help but come back for more. His impressive background, attention to detail and considerable knowledge about things you didn't understand left you feeling intrigued but inadequate. Regardless, you couldn't help but respect and admire him. 

He's Not Here- The Best Guy Friend

Although He's Not isn't technically a restaurant, you never actually dated this guy. You spent most of your time together, knew every secret to making each other happy and displayed them on all of your social media- but never made it official. Whether his obvious longing wasn't reciprocated or vice-versa, this trusty companion never fully made their way into your heart- only your liver. 

Sutton's- Your Soulmate

You knew that he was the one for you no matter how hard you tried to deny it. New temptations arose and your eyes strayed, but there's no denying that he is always there for you and down right delicious. With him by your side, you feel like anything is possible, and much like Sutton's place in Franklin Street's revered history, you wouldn't be the same without him.