The Blue Devils vs. the Tar Heels, Coach K vs. Coach Roy, Durham vs. Chapel Hill, the Cameron Crazies vs. the Tar Heel Nation, Duke vs. Carolina—the most legendary sports rivalry in history. In honor of the most anticipated athletic event of the year, Duke Spoon has taken the rivalry to the next level: FOOD.

We’ve travelled across campus borders to bring you our take on the best local joints each college town has to offer. No matter what shade of blue you’ll be donning come game day, you can’t lose while eating at any of these restaurants.

In this first installment in a series of face-offs leading up to the February 18th game, Durham and Chapel Hill’s favorite burger spots go head to head.


Photo courtesy of The Duke Chronicle

Round 1: The Classics

Bull City Burger and Brewery


Photo courtesy of Bull City Burger and Brewery

First up on our journey is Bull City Burger and Brewery. Boy, this place did not disappoint. You can get pretty much ANYTHING you want on your burger, and all of the ingredients are specially made in house. Sauerkraut? Check. Fried egg from a local farmer? Check. With North Carolina sourced beef and homemade buns, this is as fresh as it gets. Make sure to order a side of the life-changing pickle chips, and finish off your meal with a whopping slice of hot griddle lemon pound cake (if you saved room for it). Locals are so nuts about this place that some have gone far enough to accept the “Tattoo Promise:” ink yourself with Bull City Burger & Brewery, and get a discount on your meals for life.

The Classic Order:

The Pimento Burger with a Charleston Plantation sweet tea and dirty fries


Photo courtesy of Bull City Burger and Brewery


Location: 107 East Parrish Street, Durham, NC

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 11:11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11:11am-11pm, Sunday 11:11am-9pm

Sutton’s Drug Store


Photo courtesy of Chapel Hill Journal

Nestled in the heart of Franklin Street, Sutton’s Drug Store has that Southern charm that defines Chapel Hill. Sutton’s has been a staple for Carolina students since 1923, whether students needed their prescriptions filled or a root beer float. The store ceased to serve as a pharmacy just last year, but the grill lives on. A spot frequented by basketball stars (*swoon*), a quintessential Chapel Hill experience would not be complete without a meal shared in one of the famous booths. Try a Dean Dome Deluxe or Roy’s Reuben.

The Classic Order:

A double bacon cheeseburger with crinkle fries, topped off with a fresh peach milkshake


Photo by Abigail Gay


Location: 159 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-7:30 pm, Saturday 7:00 am-4:30 pm, Sunday 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Stay tuned throughout the week as more restaurants in Chapel Hill and Durham duke it out!

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