Baton Rouge has many delicious restaurants to choose from, however, finding the right restaurant to eat at if you're a vegetarian, vegan or even celiac might be difficult. 

Celiac disease is a common food allergy which affects certain individuals from consuming any wheat products. People with celiac generally do not consume wheat products because they contain proteins that affect their immune system. 

Vegans and Vegetarians tend to stray away from anything that may contain meat or unnaturally processed  items.

Whether this is an allergy or a preference, people all over the world struggle with finding restaurants that fit their needs. Well lucky for you, if you live in Baton Rouge, you've have stumbled into the right place.

In Baton Rouge alone there are tons of family-run, small restaurants, as well as chain restaurants, that offer gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

1. Galatoire's Bistro   

Galatoire's has a stand alone gluten free menu that, when dining, one can ask the waiter to browse and find some mouth-watering options such as:  Shrimp and grits, grilled mahi-mahi over stewed okra, and incase you are still hungry for dessert they have a caramel flan.

2. On The Border

On the Border has a more Mexican flare and offers a vast majority of crave-worthy foods, such as: tacos, fajitas, salads, and soups. One can simply ask for corn tortillas instead of flour, which is celiac and vegan friendly.

3. Flemings

Flemings, a chain restaurant, is a direct example of how even chain restaurants are broadening their horizons with allergy friendly menus.

Their allergy aware menu includes a ton of seafood options such as the chilled seafood tower or shrimp cocktail, and filet mignon or ribeye for the meat lovers. 

4. Mellow Mushroom

Mellow mushroom has many delicious pizza options. You could get a pizza that has no meat and all vegetables, or if you're not a fan of pizza they have calzones and a few salad options.

If you do have any allergies, mellow is a great place to try. There are so many different delicious options to choose from that you will not feel limited to a few options. Mellow even offers gluten free crust. 

5. Magpie Cafe

Magpie Cafe is a great place to grab a bite to eat if you are vegan or gluten free. They have amazing soup options that alternate daily that are both healthy and allergy sensitive. Plus, they have so many amazing homemade meals for breakfast and lunch that change daily. 

Most restaurants offer a gluten free menu along with their original menu now. Although these are just a few options, there are so many other restaurants to dine at that cater to those of you with any allergies.