Ever been on campus and got extremely hungry during class? Me, too. Nothing takes your focus away from a lecture more than a tummy full of hunger pangs and a wallet full of struggle, but fear not! You don’t have to be broke to take advantage of these great deals. Its always a win when you can save a few dollars.

It only takes a dollar (or five) to conquer those rumbles! You can finally buy something guilt-free with the big bucks you saved on food. In the words of the oh-so-legendary Drake, thank me later.

Barnes and Noble

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Photo by Vernell Dunams

You can find snacks like chips, drinks, and other novelties (like sweets from other countries, yum!) that range in price, and there are plenty of options that are under five dollars. These snacks are a great way to keep your energy up between meals without breaking the bank. If you’re feeling extra generous, get a loved one a gift card to LSU Barnes and Noble here. Get your munch on.


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Snag a junior varsity salad here during your lunch break, and you’ll be full until supper time. This little quick shop offers plenty of veggie and protein options for any palate. You just walk in, fill out a slip with your choices of a leafy base, toppings, and dressing, and get grubbing! Salads are only $4.29.

Salads aren’t the only thing they’re serving up. There are 3-4 soups du jour that range from broccoli and cheese to veggie tortilla soup. A small cup is about $3 and a large cup would be $4.79. These little cups of joy are amazing and are great for warming up in the cold winter months.


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A grande frappe Starbucks is $4.29 and guaranteed to keep you cool during the scorching summer months. Adorned with a sweet drizzle and whipped cream, you are sure to sip this and enjoy every bit.

LSU’s Starbucks also has daily specials. Every Thursday, Starbucks has a personal sized pizza special. The pizzas start at $3 and are super hot and cheesy when served. Plus, you can add all your favorite toppings like pepperoni, cheese, veggie, and meat lovers.

All day, every day, the bookstore also offers a 2 for $4 combo which includes a baked good (choose from brownies, cookies, muffins, or a bagel) and an iced coffee or tea in ANY size. Conquer your sweet tooth. Conquer your thirst.

Pierre’s Landing (Bayou Burger)

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Photo courtesy of Portland Saturday Market

This grub spot is one of the best kept secrets on campus. You get a choice of 2 Louisiana favorites: jambalaya, gumbo, or red beans and rice with a medium drink for $4.99. This is a total lunch lifesaver. Comes in handy every single time and is seaux delish. Its located by Patrick F. Taylor Hall.

Dining Halls

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Freshman that live on campus are required to acquire a meal plan at registration so don’t let those swipes go to waste! There are also so many different options to choose from, much to the heart’s desire. There’s always something for everyone’s tastes, even delicious macaroni and cheese. You can even get a friend with a meal plan to swipe you into the dining halls, for ~free~.

Campus Events

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Photo Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Always be on the look out for free events on campus held by a multitude of organizations. They will gladly give you snacks or food in exchange for a minute of your time to tell you what they’re all about.

During the fall, off-campus apartments complexes offer treats, along with many local businesses. Tailgating during football games is also a must. During the spring, there are crawfish boils GALORE, like the one RHA throws on campus. Getcha grub on.