Finals week is quickly approaching, and many people may be searching for new environments to study in, that's not a crowded, minuscule, white-walled dorm room. Lucky for you, I've put together a list of places to study that are far from the dorms and make the perfect study friendly restaurants.

1. Newk's Eatery

This is a regional chain restaurant in the South that offers a low-key, Mediterranean flare while also serving items like pizzas, po-boys, and salads. Newk's offers reasonably priced food that'll fit pretty much any college student's budget.

Newk's is very casual and welcoming for large numbers of people at once, so if you are interested in studying with a large group of people this is the place. Since Newk's is a chain restaurant, it does tend to get super busy around lunch and dinner, so I suggest going to study between 3-6 pm.

2. Highland Coffees

Let me just start off by saying Highland Coffees has free wifi. If that is not reason enough for you to want to check it out, they also stay open until 11 pm, which is later than most coffee shops.

For all you coffee lovers out there, or anybody that wants to stay awake longer to study, Highland's cappuccinos are creamy and only $4.

The moment you walk into this small coffee shop you are warmly greeted by all the staff and the sweet smell of coffee beans. No better, relaxing place to study than this.       

3. Cafe Chi Alpha

If you are looking to spend less than five dollars on hot coffee, this is the place to go. Although they do not have any frozen type drinks, the prices and the flavor of the coffee sure does make up for it. You will find this coffee shop right off of highland road, super close to the LSU community.

Chi Alpha is a very small coffee shop perfect for bringing your books along to study while also enjoying a mouthful of delicious coffee.

4. La Madeleine: Country and French Café

salad, salmon
Avery Davis

Just like Newks, La Madeleine is a chain restaurant with a ton of food options to choose from, in a cafeteria-like setting. A major difference that makes La Madeleine's unique, is their French influenced foods.

If you are in the mood for some comfort food while studying, like I know I always am, La Madeleine has really good french soups, like their take on classic tomato basil and french onion which I can honestly say I constantly crave. There's also a ton of room for your books and food at the tables. Total plus.

I hope this helps you venture off to other locations to study, other than your dorm room.