October is usually thought of as spooky month, but there is one day of the year that is overshadowed by halloween bark and spider cookies, which is national get funky day. In order to celebrate national get funky day I went around Syracuse University and asked students what their favorite weird food combination is. Here are the 10 most unique food combos that I found. 

1.  Eggs & Peanut Butter

egg yolk, egg, fried egg, bread, milk, cream, dairy product, coffee, butter
Helena Lin
coffee, candy, dairy product, milk, cream, sweet, chocolate, peanut butter, spoon, jar
Caroline Ingalls

Peanut butter is the perfect topping to smear on top or to put on the side of your scrambled, over-easy or hard boiled eggs. 

2. Pineapples & Hot Sauce 

vegetable, pineapple, sweet, breadfruit
Caroline Liu
beer, soda, juice, alcohol, hot sauce, liquor, condiment
Stephanie DeVaux

The mix of sweet and salty makes pineapple and hot sauce a funky food combo (for extra spice sprinkle some chili powder on top). 

3. Pickles & Pizza

condiment, mustard, beer, pepper
Catherine Kinney
pizza, pepperoni, crust, salami, dough, sauce, mozzarella, cheese
Micaela Petrucci

You might have thought pineapple on pizza is weird, but pickles on pizza is crunchy combination that fills your salty cravings. 

4. Tortilla Chips & Chocolate 

cracker, wheat, corn, cookie, tortilla chips
Katherine Baker
chocolate on wood, chocolate in shade, desert moods, dark chocolate, chocolate
Cory Cole

Salsa is so un-funky! Dip your tortilla chips in melted chocolate for a salty and sweet surprise

5. Oreos & Jelly 

chocolate, candy, sweet, milk, milk chocolate, cream, cookie, Oreos, Cookies
Anna Arteaga
jam, jelly, local jams and jellies, farmer's market, shop local, local fruit, small batch, Small Business
Sam Jesner

Oreos and peanut butter are a classic, but have you ever tried jelly and Oreos? 

6. Pasta & Tuna 

pasta, spaghetti, water
Jocelyn Hsu
Kimberlee Bochek

Plain pasta is just so bland! Add some tuna to it to give it some additional flavor. 

7. Ricotta & Pees

sweet, dairy product, milk, dairy, Feta, cheese, crumbles
Caroline Ingalls
pea, vegetable, legume, pasture, snap pea, snow pea
Spoon University

A seemingly unlikely paring (the textures are a little weird) however ricotta cheese and pees makes a perfect pair.

8. Doritos & Chocolate Milk 

Noura Arzaz
cream, milk, chocolate, chocolate sauce, Hershey's
Sam Jesner

This dynamic duo might seem too funky at first, but dipping Doritos in chocolate milk is surprisingly tasty with the coolness of the milk and the spiciness of the Dorito.

9. Cheerios & Orange Juice

cereal, sweet, milk, corn, oatmeal cereal, wheat, Bowl, spoon, Cheerios, Gluten Free, oats, breakfast
Caroline Ingalls
juice, sweet, cocktail, orange juice, smoothie, ice, milk, orange squash
Jocelyn Hsu

This is the funkiest creation that was found. Instead of using milk, orange juice is put into Cheerios for a two-in-one breakfast. 

10. Marshmallow Fluff & Cheetos 

marshmallow, candy, sweet
Avery Nicholson
Cheetos, snacks, junkfood
Isioma Oye-Onwuka